Sunday, 20 March 2016

Halong Bay

Today we visited Halong Bay. I was really excited to go and it was really nice though the weather is drizzly and foggy so it wasn't as pretty as i'd hoped. Luckily the weather made it look eery and cool looking.

We got picked up from our hostel at 8.30 and began the 3 and a half hour journey, stopping at some services on the way. Our tour guide was so sweet, Mr Ben, and got us all to introduce ourselves and taught us to say hi in Vietnam ('sin-chow', though if pronounced like a question it means 'i would like some rice noodle soup' lol what).

We arrived and walked to our boat where we had lunch. They kept bringing out more and more dishes; rice, noodles, vegetables, a whole fish, spring rolls, chips etc and it was pretty impressive. The boat drove us to a fisherman's village. On the way we could go onto the deck to see the scenery which looked like something out of pirates of the Caribbean.

We arrived at the village, got off and the group split up into those doing kayaking and those doing bamboo boating. The kayaks fit 2 so I went with a nice girl who I think was Australian. Fortunately we were of similarly poor ability and on multiple occasions got stuck in the shallow water which was pretty funny. There were 2 caves which we went through and the whole area is just really beautiful.

After around 40 minutes we got back and went back onto our boat. It drove us again, this time to the entrance of a cave. We climbed some steps and went inside where our tour guide told us about it while we walked around. It was really beautiful to see and much less scary than our previous unlit cave experience.

We got back into the boat and drove back to the entrance where the coach had dropped us off and began the journey home. I don't know if it was because we were sat at the back but the bus would literally jump off the road and we'd all bounce out of our seats- but we made it back alive!

Laura x

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