Tuesday, 1 March 2016

first travel post!

Okay I won't be posting on a daily basis but I'm gonna kick it off with a first day post x
So we stayed at Molly's last night and had approx 13 minutes sleep, got up at 3.40am and left for Gatwick at 4. We arrived about 6 and were low key asleep and checked in our bags. After some snacks (who doesn't love a pret sandwich at 7??) and several hours sitting we boarded the plane about 9. We were delayed for ages but left about 10.15ish. The flight is a blur of endless meals, snacks, drinks and films. Which sounds more fun than it was. I slept for a while which was captured beautifully x.

Just a model spotted on our plane x
After about 6 hours we arrived in Dubai and went to McDonald's which was weirdly stressful bc they were so efficient. We didn't know the exchange rate but all handed over like 25 of whatever currency it was in exchange for some good. We're just passionate about immersing ourselves in culture. Obvz. We didn't have much time after that so we went to our gate to board.

 The next half an hour was literally weird man central. First some guy who was clearly on something came over for a chat and then some middle eastern guy stared at me for a solid 10 minutes before telling me I looked like his daughter and then telling me (and later lauren after i suddenly became really interested in staring at my phone) his life story. And offering us his number. So yeah just making friends really. Hoping to meet some more normal people when we arrive.

Now we're on the plane to Bangkok. I'm so disorientated because it's 12.27am Dubai time, 3.27am bangkok time but only 8.28pm in England. I'm just ready for a nap tbh but have to be ready for a full day when we land. I also just ate a full meal which was maybe my 6th today? Nice to fuel a full day of sitting x Now to continue watching tv and try to nap

Update: after listening to a weird hypnosis sleep thing we all had a nap and are feeling suitably disorientated watching the sunrise knowing it's still midnight in england. Sleeping on planes is maybe the most uncomfortable thing I swear, legit felt like my neck could snap at any moment. Fortunately it didnt and we landed in bangkok 7.35am local time. We went through security and baggage claim then followed instructions from our hostel to get a train. The journey took around half an hour and cost us each 45 baht- less than £1. As we headed out from the train station a legit miracle occured. We were heading for a taxi rank but must have looked lost and touristy (it's hard not to with a massive rucksack to be fair) and a really nice friendly guy who worked there asked where we were going and advised us to get a bus and which to get. He took us to the stop and while we were waiting we started chatting to a guy from Laos who had lived in Ireland for a bit. He was really nice and friendly which contrasted to our experience at the airport, and after giving him an idea of quite how vague out plans are he told us to go to a place called the ARC centre to arrange out transport and accomodation around South East Asia. He explained that they gave student discount, got us a cheaper rate with the tuk tuk driver and suggested places to go in Laos and gave us his email address. So cute !!!

We climbed aboard our tuk tuk which I initially described as a weird taxi- somewhere between a golf cart and a cage on wheels. We were practically clinging on to our bags for dear life but it woke us up a lot which was lucky as we currently haven't slept in 26 hours.
Aboard the tuk tuk
Our train ticket
Lauren after a trip to Tesco lotus which was weirdly enjoyable 
At the ARC (I'm writing this in there lol) we spoke to a really helpful woman and it's essentially a travel agent. We gave her an indication of our plans and time scale and she sorted us transport around Thailand, Laos, Vietnam (including a flight), back to Thailand and to Malaysia as well as a jungle trek and day at an elephant sanctuary for £675 which is really cheap considering this will be the bulk of our expenditure.

Right well we've arrived at our hostel and I've finally got wifi, debating going for a run but we are in the middle of the city and I'm always wary of weirdos. So might just have a nap and a shower instead lol. If you're fatter you're harder to kidnap right

Laura x

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