Thursday, 3 March 2016

exploring bangkok

We had to check out of our hostel this morning by 11. As a slept so much yesterday I thought we'd all wake up really early but when the alarm went off at 10 it was a struggle. We did a bit of research but decided to stay at a hostel out friend suggested, and got a tuk tuk there. It was even cheaper than we expected; 620 baht for a triple room, so roughly £4 each for the night. We sat in the restaurant for a while using the Wi-Fi and cooking down with fruit shake drinks.

After that we decided to go for a wander. It was about 1.15pm and we were yet to eat so we went outside our hostel and almost instantly found a pad Thai stand where the meals were really cheap; a each paid around 70p for a large lunch.

We ventured across the road and we're just stood eating by a temple when a woman started speaking to us. She asked a few questions about our trip; where we were from, how long we were staying etc. We told her we were planning to go to the river and she told us about a pier to go to where we could get cheap boat tours. She also told us about temples etc and then told us our name was May. She got a tuk th for us- telling us to check they have a yellow license as this shows they're good and got us a journey to the pier (a considerable distance across the city) for around 40p. She was so nice !! We've been lucky enough to encounter very friendly Thai people a far who offer help and advice for nothing in return.

We arrived at the pier and were shown to our long boat. For a private ride around Bangkok for 3 of us for an hour it was £11 each. This was the biggest spend we've made so far but was so so worth it. The views were incredible, we saw temples and houses which we would not have otherwise, saw catfish I the river and spent the hottest part of the day going  down the breezy river. It was just so so nice

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