Tuesday, 29 March 2016

last day in vietnam

Our last day in Vietnam :( this has been my favourite place so far, I want to live in Ho Chi Minh City! We woke up at 7 ish and Molly and i were pretty hungover. Possibly bucket sized drinks should be limited to one each... After showering we set off to burger for a suitably greasy breakfast but tragically it was closed. Fortunately the bakery was open which definitely helped and we got onto a bus to the mekong delta at around 8.30. The drive took almost 2 hours so we arrived just before 10.30 and set off to a boat we were travelling on. Our guide was really nice and we set off down the river

After a while we arrived and got off the boat. Here was a small shop area and then we went for a short walk through the local fruit trees; jackfruit, coconuts etc where we arrived for lunch. The trip was only £5 each but we got a huge Vietnamese lunch including rice paper rolls made at the table and a noodle broth which was really nice. Afterwards we got back onto the boat and drove to an area where we tried local honey tea which was delicious and saw where they kept bees and then went to some rowing boats. We boarded in 4s, we went with a really nice Filipino guy and set off. The scenery was beautiful but the people rowing us along kept asking for tips which was a bit awkward. She was holding out like suggested amounts but we had very little money- the ATM we tried that morning was out of order and when Lauren and I eventually scraped together the last of our change the woman laughed! But it was a beautiful area to see.

After this we walked around for a bit and arrived at an area where local musicians performed and each table was given a platter of fruit which was delicious. The awkward tipping continued but this time we had no money left so abruptly left to avoid too much awkwardness! Then we walked outside but it was boiling hot and i thought i was going to melt and then got onto a horse drawn carriage which we rode for 10 minutes or so which was fun.

We started to walk back to the boat with our group when we saw some tiny tiny puppies !!! They were sooooo cute and we went to see them and aw it was just adorable. Then we boarded the boat back to the coach and began the journey back to ho chi minh.

We arrived back around 5.30 and set off to the same Indian restaurant as the night before (it was that good) where we had another delicious meal. We went back to the hostel after a quick trip to the mini mart and packed up our stuff in preparation for going to Cambodia tomorrow

Laura x

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