Wednesday, 2 March 2016

PatPong Night Market

We had a nap from about 1.30ish to 7, our first sleep in 30 hours ish and it was so necessary and nice. Afterwards we got ready and headed to the night market. We walked around and then had dinner. It was just under £2 each for a curry like dish. Molly had Thai green curry with veggie chicken, Lauren had fried chicken and rice and i had veggie duck and rice and it was really good.

We wandered around more and went to 7-11 where i got breakfast for teomorrow. I also bought a coconut full of coconut water to drink as we walked around for just under  £1.
 Then I got some trousers which are maybe the most comfortable thing I've ever worn ah i love them. I wanted shorts but don't think I could fit them lol.
Couldn't look more gap year if I tri
We turned down a road to find outrselves in the red light district which was certainly a strange experience. The weirdest thing about it was that it didn't even feel seedy or make me uncomfortable; the girls were all sat on chairs arranged almost like they were having a school photo taken and i didn't realise what we were seeing until lauren pointed it out (I am a little slow). But the constant invitations to the 'ping pong' shows were a little surprise; hadn't really anticipated 3 teenage girls being the target audience
Then we got a drink at a restaurant so we could find our hostel's address and then got a tuk tuk back.

It's crazy to think we only landed at 7.30 this morning but we've done so much already!

Laura x

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