Sunday, 13 March 2016

Last day in Luang Prabang

Sad to be leaving this city in the morning but there are loads of nice places to come!
Woke up early again and headed out for a run. We've basically been given a sheet of paper from the travel agent we spoke to in Bangkok confirming our travel around South East Asia, but we couldn't find the hotel we're supposed to be meeting at tomorrow. So i took the ticket with me in an attempt to track it down. As usual I got very lost, but eventually I found a travel agent who informed me that there are 2 hotels with the same name, and that we needed to find out which it was. So not entirely successful, but I did get to see this beautiful temple.

At 9 ish the others woke up and we went down fire breakfast. Afterwards I googled the phone number of the hostel given to us and found that it was fairly near our hostel. We decided to walk there to check out where it was, and after a 10 minute walk or so found it. We spoke to the receptionist who said the bus tomorrow was fully booked (???) But not to worry and to still come tomorrow at 8. Bit weird but hey ho.

We headed back to the hostel for a quiet morning writing in our journals, showering etc. At about 2.30 we decided to try and get a boat trip. The quotes prices online were way out of our budget; $50 each was quite a standard price. We clambered down to the water and within seconds a man asked us if we wanted a boat ride. He offered 80000 kip in total for one hour for the three of us- less than £8! What a bargain. He was very sweet and put out a little ramp so we could climb aboard without getting out feet wet.

The ride was lovely as the water is very very flat and the scenery is just beautiful. We saw local Laotian children playing and swimming, some people bathing in the river etc and it was just really nice and relaxing to be driven around.

Afterwards we went back to the hostel for a quiet afternoon (when are we not) and then headed to the night market. We got dinner, Molly had a baguette and me and Lauren went to the buffet.

Afterwards we wandered round the night market. The others were getting my birthday present so as we walked up one side I pointed out patterns I liked then we separated and met back after they got (love my pals). I bought a cute little bracelet too and then we headed back to the hostel at a record 6.30pm- this has been the most PG gap year ever. Now to pack in preparation for our 7 hour bus trip to VangVieng tomorrow.

Laura x

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