Wednesday, 16 March 2016

final day in Laos

Sorry for the slow uploads; the wifi has been bad recently. I've also managed to lose the SD card reader for my camera so bad quality/fewer pictures until i can track down another one- sorry!
Today was our last day in Laos which is sad because it feels like we've hardly been here but we've still had a good time.

Despite our dorm room hosting a lot of mice lauren and i both slept well; probably for 10+ hours. Afterwards we showered and got ready and then got breakfast at the restaurant there which was really good.

We'd been hoping to do some volunteering there but couldn't organise it as we left it too late, but we went to see the goats they had and saw so many cute baby ones!! There were also mud huts that had been built, exactly like normal houses but made of mud which were amazing. Next we decided to go down to the river for a swim, we went near the start of tubing and Lauren and I swam around. The water was cold which was really nice compared to the air temperature. It was very refreshing though probably didnt help to control the excessive moquito bite collections we've all obtained.

We packed up our stuff and got a tuk tuk back to town and then looked for a guesthouse. The others quickly found one and we checked in; it's a large spacious room with a fan, large balcony, ensuite, wifi etc for 130000 kip a night (under £13).

We stayed there for a while, showering and washing clothes etc, then ventured out for some food. We all got pasta in a restaurant which was good, though it's very weird to see all the restaurant's 'happy menu' at the back..

We walked along the strip and sat in a bar where they play Friends on repeat where we watched a couple of episodes while having drinks.

 Later we went to a couple of bars giving out free drinks, sadly it's mainly the local whisky which you can practically feel destroying your liver, and then sat in one talking for a while. We also stocked up on snacks for our 32 hour journey which starts tomorrow. At 11ish we headed home in preparation for a 7.30 wake up which I am not looking forward to
Laura x

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