Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Last day in hanoi

Had a really chilled out day; not that our trip has been exactly stressful, but it was nice to just relax. We had breakfast after sleeping in a bit and then set off to a swimming pool. It was about a 20 minute walk to a large pool at an army guesthouae. You had to pay 90000 dong (about £3) and then we went to the pool. It was big and completely empty; we soon disovered that this was because it was freezing, but the air temperature was about 23°c so it was kind of like swimming in the sea in England.

We swam around and chatted, then some tourists were walking past and took photos of us ??? It was so weird; a couple of youngish girls (probably 20s) kind of signalled that they were taking a photo of each other sat on the pool edge, we moved, only to discover they were taking the photos of us ?? And then some other women joined in including a woman of at least 40 who was taking selfies of half her face and us  ??? Soooo weird; fortunately completely harmless but I'm genuinely confused as to why people would want photos of 3 British girls?!

We stayed until around 3 and then walked back, going to the sandwich shop I went to yesterday. We all had the cheese and salad one with the free bananas and tea, and Lauren had a pork one which she said was really nice. We walked back to the hostel about 4.30, stopping at an ice cream shop we'd been passing that was virtually next to our hostel to get prices. It was 39 dong  (just over £1) for a massive pot of ice cream so we all got one (after a sandwich I definitely didnt need this but hey) and rhen headed inside.

At around 7 lauren and i went out to get some street food (the day pretty much revolved around food). We wanted to get really traditional stuff but the stands by the side of the road only had Vietnamese menus so we settled for an in between. We went to a restaurant where the menu outside looked nice. Had a scarring experience on the way to our table where a boy of at least 7 was weeing into a water bottle his mum was holding in the middle of the restaurant- not okay ??? Who knows if this is us being typically English but it was just bizarre. Fortunately powered through and ordered a small feast. We got tofu, egg and vegetable broth, vegetable spring rolls, rice and tried tofu in a sauce. It was all so so so yummy and there was loads, all for about £2 each. Craaay.

We went back to the hostel where we packed our stuff and showered in preparation for our flight tomorrow morning- we have to be up at 6 but fortunately the lack of curtain should make it easier.

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