Saturday, 26 March 2016

Cu Chi Tunnels

We woke up at 10ish and after showering headed to the bakery for some breakfast. After pastries we walked along the road towards a tour office thing and stopped at a touristy shop where i bought some postcards and a slightly excessive number of bowls. We got to the tour place which seems to be the cheapest around and lauren and i booked an afternoon tour to the  Cu Chi tunnels for £2 (Molly didn't fancy it).

We set off on a mini bus at 1 ish and arrived at around 2.45. We watched a short film which have some insight into the Vietnam was and then walked around the sight of the tunnels; where many soldiers and guerilla fighters spend much of their lives during the war. There was a network of tunnels containing houses, hospitals, kitchens etc as well as bunkers for fighting, all disguised so that the American soldiers wouldn't find them. They were really complex and impressive to see, though after walking/crawling through a short distance of them we decided we definitely wouldn't want to spend a prolonged period there. We also saw traps they had made for the soldiers and it was just really impressive.

There was an opportunity to fire a gun- we opted for an ice cream instead (what is appealing about the deafening sound?!) And also later were able to try a local dish which was really delicious before heading back and arriving at around 7. We met Molly and headed to a fast food place for dinner- classy. I was very excited about fish nuggets which did not disappoint and then we went to a fancy ice cream parlour for dessert which was really nice. I've managed to develop a cold- possibly need to reevaluate my diet...

Laura x

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