Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Quiet day in Chiang Mai

I wasn't going to bother doing a blog post as our day was pretty uneventful but im bored on a bus journey so figured i might as well.

Our plan was to wake up at 1 to save money on breakfast (the realities of travelling lol) but I couldn't sleep and the others woke up at 10.30, so we got up. We'd been planning to get massages at some point on the trip, possibly my birthday, but as we're spending the day on a bus decided to get them now. We also saw a massage place which charged 180 baht (£3.60) for an hour so decided to go there. After a fruit shake en route we went in, me and Lauren went for a Thai massage and Molly a full body one. It's difficult to explain but basically they massaged you using like their elbow, forearms etc instead of just hands. It was a very weird sensation; both painful and pleasureable, but as usual I still managed to fall asleep momentarily. But it was really nice, and by the end I felt like i'd been stretched about 10cm.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel. It was really, really hot, about 35°c and getting hotter. Today it's supposed to reach 39°c- I may melt. We sat by the pool but even that was too hot and we had to cool off in the pool then move to the shade. We haven't seen a lot of Chiang Mai which is a shame, but as we've done organised trips here that's taken a large portion of our budget, and it's too hot to walk anywhere.

At about 3 we went for a walk and got food at a nice little bakery. My diet of crisps and chips continued before we headed to a Tesco lotus to stick up on snacks. We have a 20 hour bus journey tomorrow so I thought I should start stocking up.

We went back to our room for a bit then at around 7 wandered around a bit of Chiang Mai we hadn't been to, going to a local market and finding some shops we hadn't seen before. Then we stopped at a bar but as we can't really afford to get drunk here we just had a soft drink and decided to wait until Laos. I think our livers are confused about what's happening.


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