Friday, 25 March 2016

Dam San Water park

After one of us learned of the park's existence through tinder (I'll allow them to remain anonymous) we were excited to visit. Described as a massive,empty water park it sounded a perfect way to deal with the 30°c+ heat, and there was even a bus we could get there. So, armed with bakery products we picked up in the morning, we set off on the number 11 bus to the water park.

We arrived after 40 minutes or so; making our 15p bus tickets a bargain and walked to the entrance. It turned out it was not the eantrance, and then 3 different people proceeded to point us in the right direction, some 400m down the road. Onwards we want, past the deserted park we'd initially tried to gain entrance to (apparently another attraction) until we reached the actual entrance. And the most children I've ever seen. Or heard. It was like a swarm of wasps; there were probably 200 or so eating lunch just inside the entrance all screaming to their friends in the same pitch. Not to be put off we headed inside after paying, walking amongst the crowds of children running around who were entirely unfazed as they'd slip and fall over, and whose favourite hobby seemed to be shouting 'hi' to us.

We'd been given a guide book and discovered an area specifically for foreign guests; a private rooftop terrace with free lockers (instead of 50p ones for everyone else) and sun loungers, which was a nice surprise. We spent the day on rides and in the pools; a huge wave pool with rubber rings, a warm outdoor pool and a Jacuzzi, all of which were really nice and refreshing. The slides themselves were quite scary; the tiny children jumped and ran fearlessly to the entrance while we panicked and screamed the whole time. It was still really fun; I just started to question the health and safety regulations but nothing bad happened!!

We left the park at about 4 after going on nearly all of the slides and just taking full advantage of our entrance fee- though that was less than £5 anyway! And got the bus back. We had plans to go and get an ice cream and headed from the bus stop towards the shop when an English man approached us. I was wary; there are notoriously loads of scams here but he asked if we would like to watch a culture show for free. It has recently come back to the stage and not very many people were going to the night's performance so to benefit the actors he was looking for attendees. We agreed to go and walked into the theatre where people were stood enjoying free refreshments (all delicious apart from a coconut wine which was more like a shot of malibu).

The show was really interesting to watch; it told the story of Vietnam's history and culture and involved lots of music and dance. The people in it were really talented and although in places it could have used a little brushing up we could hardly complain when we'd seen it for free rather than the £15 ish entrance fee. Afterwards we thanked the man and lauren and i gave a measly donation of approximately £3- we're on a tight budget!! I also left a good review on trip advisor at the man's request.

We headed out for some dinner and went to a japanese restaurant. We all ordered the same tofu dish and it was pretty spectacular; then brought the food over in essentially a frying pan, poured sauce over it and basically cooked the food at the table for you. It was delicious and there were some vegetables in it; it was nice to branch out from the beige diet I've been following. Then we headed home and planned some stuff for the remainder of our days here and I skyped my parents which was nice

Laura x

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