Saturday, 8 July 2017

Weekend in Mysore

I'm sooo tired! Had a really nice day in Mysore! We started the day with a buffet breakfast and then at 9.30 headed to a temple at the top of a hill. The drive felt a bit precarious but we made it and the views were cool! We weren't allowed to take photos inside the smaller temple which we visited but it was really old and beautiful.

Afterwards we drove and had lunch at a restaurant which was nice, and I put my saree on as we were going to visit a palace. They're quite complicated and a woman in the toilets helped me do it which was so sweet! The people are so friendly. After that I was the centre of attention and everyone wanted photos with me. People kept saying 'beautiful dress' or 'beautiful Indian woman' looool.

We drove to the palace and it was amazing! Again, no photos inside, but the architecture was just incredible with massive hallways with amazingly intricate designs. It was so nice!! We took photos outside before walking to a local market. Enroute I was stopped by a family and the woman was so keen to help adjust my saree, taking a safety pin out of her own to secure mine and then excitedly getting a photo taken with me like I was famous.

It was a bit annoying as the market was like where people bought spices, flowers and vegetables, and so wasn't great for souvenirs. Luckily I'd bought most of my stuff and we're going back tomorrow to look again. While looking round an elderly woman came over and gave me a rose and took a safety pin out of her clothes to pin it into my hair. One of our guides said it was because she was excited to see me in a saree which was so cute so I gave her some money.

After looking round we got some henna done. I'm so happy with mine! I opted for palm which I never have before and the guy did such an amazing job and so quickly! It was a challenge getting a tuk tuk home though, and then using the lift and finding and using our room key, but I miraculously managed without smudging.
At 7 we met to go out for dinner, and walked to a really cool rooftop revolving buffet restaurant. It was nice to just sit and chat with everyone but sad as this was our last night together! Right now a lot of the others are downstairs drinking but I was so tired so I'm just in bed

Laura x

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