Saturday, 8 July 2017

Last day of psych

Today was our last day of the psychology placement before a weekend trip which was crazy as it's gone sooo fast! I decided to go to morning yoga so headed there at 7. I had not anticipated how hot I'd get while doing it and asked for the fan to he turned on which the guy running the session refused. I was not impressed as I was tired and coated in a layer of sweat, but he claimed this was good for us....

After breakfast we quickly showered then add a morning learning about mindfulness and its use in mental health, and the basic principles underlying it. I struggled to focus as I was so tired but the content was really interesting and when we tried out some mindfulness ourselves I could feel the effectiveness of it. After lunch we were due to do laughing yoga but it was cancelled so we ended up leaving for the weekend trip a bit early.

We set off for Mysore at 2.30, and the journey took around 5 hours. I'm now so used to long journeys that I thought of this as short and was quite happy to have the drive, though we did seem to break down a couple of times. It was fun though and a group of us chatted for a lot of it. We stopped off for dinner at a place with kfc, domino's, an Indian restaurant, a dessert place and a cafe. No one was up for Indian so I opted for a kfc veggie burger and got a frappe at the cafe be for we continued with our drive.

We arrived in Mysore just after 8pm and checked in and took our bags up to the room. There was talk of going to a local supermarket to get alcohol but we couldn't be bothered and I had the nicest shower instead before going to bed really early.

Laura x

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