Sunday, 2 July 2017

Goa day one

Goa! We woke up to find a power cut had occurred so the room was boiling. After showers we headed out for some breakfast and found a place to eat with air con and WiFi. I got a recommendation of a hostel off our coordinator and we headed down to the beach.

The weather wasn't too bad; it's still warm and although not sunny it wasn't raining so can't complain! We sat for a while with a crowd of stray dogs we'd attracted, and then headed back to the hostel to check out. They were very apologetic about the lack of wifi and air con but we assured them it wasn't their fault and that we just wanted to see more of goa. They booked us a taxi and we had a 1 and a half hour ish journey to the new hostel. We checked in and then walked down towards the beach to investigate where we were. We stopped for food and I had a curry at a place next to the hostel which was nice.

We continued on our way, stopping at a market like thing to see a few stalls, and because it's low season they offered really low prices. Then we went to the beach and sat and had a drink. It started raining torentially, like a full monsoon, and they closed the door as it was facing the sea and the weather was mental. Afterwards we headed back as we were all really tired, met the people in our room and sat in a communal area for a bit before going to bed.

Laura x

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