Thursday, 6 July 2017

We had a lie in today; I didn't wake up until 7.30! (Lol) after breakfast we had an introduction to meditation in the treatment of mental health using the principles of shakras. It was really interesting to learn about their beliefs about energy channels and crystals, and we did some meditation ourselves which was cool
Afterwards we had lunch and then did an afternoon of yoga. It was quite intense but fun at the same time, and I have definitely lost a lot of flexibility. We did that until 5pm and then at 5.30 met to go for a walk around a local village. The people were so excited to see us and kept coming out of their houses to say hi or take photos. We then ended up getting invited into a local's house for tea, all 27 of us got chai and biscuits which was so cute. We took group photos with them and then walked back before dinner and bed.
Laura x

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