Tuesday, 4 July 2017

To bangalore!

I did not sleep well today, as the new volunteers arrived. it was so annoying as they came in throughout the night, but 2 sat with the light on chatting for a solid half an hour which is just not what you need at 4am. I gave them a half asleep grumpy look which seemed to do the trick. I then woke up at 9ish and had to quickly pack up all my stuff before heading into delhi. I paid for the clothes I'd had made, and went to visit the boys at the orphanage one last time, taking them a little spider man pencil case I got them.

We then got a tuk tuk through the flooded streets (yay for monsoon season!) to the metro, and headed into delhi. We had to change a couple of times and then arrived at the train station stop, where I wanted to leave my big rucksack. It was a traumatic experience during which I had to ask lots of people and got very lost, but ended up with my bag safely in the cloakroom and eventually reunited with my friends. After a lot more confusion and a tuk tuk we arrived at the market we'd set out to, and spent half an hour or so stocking up on souvenirs.

It was one of the girls' birthdays and we planned to have lunch, but I wanted to buy a bag and the others were too hungry to wait so I finished my shopping then met them to say bye.
I hadn't eaten yet that day so I headed to McDonald's and then skyped my family which was nice, before boarding my flight around 5. We got a meal on it and I read and listened to music for the rest if the time, landing at like 7.45. I got picked up fairly soon and driven to the place we were staying, and found out that my roommate was sleeping, so I quickly brushed my teeth and showered then got into bed, ready for 7am yoga.

Laura x

Sad times!! Before heading off to get the metro to the airport. There was such a long queue for tickets but I made it with loads of time to spare, and checking in was super easy and the lady let me on even though I was a kilo over the 15kg limit. Aw!

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