Sunday, 2 July 2017

Today we got up about 9 and went to get our free breakfast. It was nice; samosas, hard boiled eggs and fresh bread which made a nice change. Afterwards we were planning to go to the beach but it started to pour with rain so we got a taxi to old goa. We looked around some churches which was nice and had some lunch, though it become apparent that we were in fact the main attraction for tourists. We posed for approximately 300 photos. It was a relief when our driver came to take us back.

We got back late afternoon and later went to get food at the same place as the day before. We wanted to have a cocktail but the next 3 days are designated dry days where bars don't serve alcohol, so after dinner we trekked to a little supermarket and got some drinks (I got a fruit cider). We sat in the communal area and played a drinking game before going to bed.

Laura x

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