Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Koh Lanta

In the morning we aimed to set out for the day pretty early but saw the man who owned the hostel on our way out and he asked our plans. We mentioned that we wanted to go to Penang the following day and he offered to buy our bus tickets, taking 1100 baht each off us. We ventured into town to go to the beach and on the way passed a tourist place offering tickets to Penang for 900 baht, around £5 each less than our hostel owner was charging.
We carried on to the beach but because it was attached to a hotel they had wifi and we sent an email to the hostel guy asking him to please not book the tickets. We got a reply just saying "okay..." and from then on it was so awkward around him. We spent the morning at the beach before heading into town to get some lunch. After a wander we found an amazing place where I got crispy fried tofu in massaman sauce and rice for 60 baht (about £1.20) it was so good!

After lunch we walked to the animal welfare centre where they adopt stray animals and volunteers can help look after them. We cuddled some cats and then walked four puppies. It was so cute!! They were really young and couldn't walk for too long but it was so nice to take them out! After we got back we walked back to the hostel and had our first awkward encounter with the hostel man.
After a quick shower we headed down to the beach. Meg and I sunbathed and paddled then did a 5k run down the beach. We splashed ourselves with sea water then went back to shower. We then did a quick ab workout before going out for dinner at the same place as lunch (it was so good) and also got shakes. We headed back for bed soon after.

Laura x

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