Friday, 13 July 2018

Back to Penang

An early start today to get back to Penang. After reading loads of horrible reviews of the ferry back which is 3 hours we opted for a longer journey which involved only a 1 hour ferry with a longer time on the coach. However; leaving at half 6 this didn't seem quite as fun as we'd anticipated. Fortunately this went a lot more smoothly than our initial journey to Penang, and soon we were at the big main Penang bus station where we ordered a grab to take us to our hostel.

From here we picked up our big bags and headed to a new hostel for the night. Check in was from 2 and it was 1.45 by this point so we left our bags and headed out in search of food. We were now staying very close to Little India, and managed to find cheap food to have. Penang is known as Malaysia's food capital but I've never really found this, so it was nice to actually have something good!

After lunch we checked in and then chilled in the hostel for a bit. We didn't have many plans for the day but wanted to visit Kek Lok Si temple at night lit up and go to another ladies' night we'd seen at a bar from 6pm. On the way we also went to a big mall to book our transport over to the Perhentian Islands and for mollie to get back to kuala lumpur for the following night.

After booking we got a grab to the temple. The guy seemed confused about why we were going so late, and kept saying that it was closed. We weren't sure if it was a scam or what, but after driving there discovered it's only lit up at night during the Chinese new year. Fortunately our driver was great and we all had a good laugh on our way back. We then went to the bar with free drinks and played cards with some food. We had falafel and it was the best I've ever had!

We spent the rest of the evening here before heading back to the hostel where we packed up our stuff and chatted to the guys in our dorm before sleeping.

Laura x

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