Sunday, 8 July 2018

Island hopping in Langkawi

Today we had planned to go to a buffet restaurant for breakfast but after walking there in the heat we discovered it was pretty rubbish and headed back to the hostel defeated. After a bit of research we found another local breakfast place which looked promising, trekked there and it was closed! Just as we were giving up we spotted a local food place nearby and the others got breakfast while I had a veggie buffet thing with rice. Not your average meal at 10.30am but it was delicious! We also booked a morning ferry back to Penang for the following morning.

The weather had started to pick up which changed our plans to visit the cinema, and so instead we booked onto a 4 hour island hopping tour this afternoon. I had done this on my first trip to Malaysia 2 years ago but couldn't remember what it involved. We spent the rest of the morning on the beach sunbathing and then meg and I ran just over 3km on the beach, before a quick shower and 7/11 stop to buy snacks for the afternoon.

Soon we headed off in a minibus to the jetty where we boarded a speed boat with others on our trip. We were all given life jackets and quite literally flew across the water, bouncing in the waves while everyone onboard laughed and screamed. Don't remember that from last time!! Our first stop was a national park with a short walk to a beautiful huge lake which was so nice to swim in, especially knowing there was no chance of jellyfish attack here, and we spent about an hour here.

We had a couple of less exciting stops; looking at the shape of a rock and watching eagles being fed, before going to a small beautiful island for a bit. Enroute a guy on the boat with us kept throwing litter overboard into the ocean. The first time we all disapproved loudly but when he did it for a third time we all actively told him to stop and his friend then held onto his cup until reaching a bin. Gotta help save the planet.

I was too scared to properly swim at the last beach after hearing of a fatal jellyfish sting a few weeks ago on Langkawi and so just paddled, before we all headed back to the mainland. Here we did our ab workout, showed and then headed out for some dinner. We had yummy falafel wraps and I got a subway salad, before doing a final walk up the main strip where the others got some trousers and then we purchased some breakfast in preparation for our early start the next day.

Laura x

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