Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Jesus these posts are even boring me!! But once I commit to things I like to finish them so just two more to go!

I didn't like San Fransisco as much as I'd hoped to :( there were SO MANY homeless people. It always makes me sad but seriously it was crazy. From our hotel door to the subway literally 5m away you'd pass at least 5 homeless people before getting on the subway. And while some were perfectly pleasant, others would shout, ask you for money or actually harass you which was scary! I also saw so many people shouting in public at each other, genuinely scary people on public transport and tbh I didn't feel safe omg.

That aside it's still a pretty cool city! There's a lot to see and I definitely didn't get bored. There were places I wanted to visit which we didn't get the chance to, and a lot of it was just super cool. It was just a shame about the bad parts! Like the good parts are really good, and it's just such a shame that the welfare system is in such bad shape that so many people are living in such poor conditions.

My favourite place was Haight Ashbury, which was a vintage district. I'm pretty sure it's renound for drugs/prostitutes etc and it used to be very 'hippie' and 'alternative' but it was such a cool place to live. I bought loads in a thrift shop there as well as seeing the most gorgeous 20s dresses (nearly cried at how beautiful they were) in a vintage shop.

We also did the touristy things like cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge, and Fishermen's Wharf was really cool. We got clam chowder in a bread bowl which was so nice though primarily cream so two bowls in one day was probably not the healthiest plan?

We visited some nice cafes and restaurants and yeah parts were really cool, here are some photos!