Sunday, 7 September 2014

America part 2; Flagstaff, Arizona

My brother was lucky enough to get the opportunity to do a year studying abroad as part of his history degree. I'm so jealous and hoping to do the same. This was mainly why we took this trip, as it meant we were able to drop him off at the university he was studying at.

After being in Vegas for 2 nights, we collected our hire car from the airport and drove to Flagstaff, Arizona. The drive took about 6/7 hours? But it was the first time we really saw America, and was honestly so interesting.

The landscape was mainly desert, but seeing the little trailer parks from the highway, little motels, just, I cannot describe it, but it was so weird to see it in real life. To break up the long drive, we stopped at Hoover Dam (which I now learn is a very popular thing to do!)

I think it was over 40 degrees celcius there, but like seriously it was SO HOT. It was unbearable and we only stayed out of the car for like 20 minutes because it was boiling. The strangest thing is that it's so hot that your sweat has evaporated before you notice it, so you hardly even realise it.
These aren't at all edited, the water was so beaut

okay, the humidity does not do my hair any favours... so flat omg
After this we continued driving. Within a couple of hours I desperately needed the toilet, and it became almost comical; everyone knew I needed to go as I'd been moaning for hours, but as we approached services (which would have signs up a mile or so in advance) my dad would just drive past?? It happened like 3 times and he claimed he hadn't noticed them but it was literally just desert around us.. okay

Then we stopped at a Safeways. It was huge and I immiediately started stocking up on American candy to take home for my friends (regret this now as everything has melted and stuck back together in weird lumps). My family all had sandwiches made up, but I got a tray of olives and stuff (SO OILY BUT GOOD).

We eventually arrived at my brother's university, where we looked round briefly and then dropped him off. He was quite keen for us to leave lol. We drove around trying to find the hotel, accidentally arriving in a retirement village haha. When we got there we checked in, me and dad went to the hotel pool and gym, and then had a coffee in the lobby before an early night.

Trust me, being in the car all day is actually tiring!!

Laura x

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