Monday, 15 September 2014

America posts continued- sorry if you're already bored of them!!

I was really sleepy when I made my last post about America and said it was about Flagstaff but hardly actually mentione Flagstaff! So in this post I'll squash in Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon!

I honestly had the best trip ever and it's hard to know I was there just a few weeks ago when now my life is filled with homework, deadlines and stress!

We went out to epxlore Flagstaff in the morning, and after going to the visitors centre we ended up in a thrift store. I'd hoped to visit a lot whilst in America, and hadn't quite anticipated my parents extreme hatred of shopping. Fortunately I took advantage of this shop and got a dress and t shirt for $10! I'll post photos of all the things I bought in a future post :-)
the thrift store!

After that my parents wanted to go off and explore the town for half an hour while I intended to visit a couple more thrift stores- armed with a map of the town centre and a list of thrift stores and their addresses. I distinctly remember one being something like '1324 Route 66' and I knew that I was on Route 66 so I thought yay I'll easily find that!! I then walked past a shop which was approximately number 11, and realised that I wouldn't quite manage to walk past over 1000 shops in half an hour.. So I spent the remaining time wandering round the small town.

After that I met my parents and we went to a cafe. It was so so so so so cool there and I wish we'd had lunch and not just a coffee! Honestly I loved it.

We had a quick trip to Walmart which I'd been begging for for the whole trip, went for a swim and then drove to the Grand Canyon. En route I discovered that my friend Beth was staying at the same hotel as me that night (another creepy coincidence!) so I was very excited!

After another long drive we arrived at our hotel while there was a thunder storm going on outside! We unpacked and then drove into the Grand Canyon national park to see it. It was just phenomenal. It sounds stupid but you cannot begin to comprehend the size, not even when you're there and let alone from a photo! It was just breathtaking and so strange to see in real life.

Here are a few photos though they do not do it justice.

my mum was freaking out about how far out i walked
 It was just really, really awesome (and I hate that word but I mean literally awe- inspiring like incredible/ cannot be described in words) to see it in real life.

After this was went back to the hotel and I had a bath and at about 10 went to meet Beth! We planned to play air hockey but ended up just sitting and chatting in the hotel until just after 12 when we decided to part ways as she had to get up at 5am. It was so lovely to see her aw :-))

I will try and blog the rest of my trip as I really want a record of it in detail! However I am super busy at the moment so it may take a while! I hope these posts aren't too boring; I'll be back to normal soon!

Laura x

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