Sunday, 5 October 2014

New York!

My final travel post! Only been back like 5 weeks so it's fine right...? New York has been my dream place to visit for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure what it is; the fact that it's in Friends, countless films, or just all the skyscrapers?? Idk! but I loved it. So so so much. I felt so safe like I felt like I was at home though. It was just so amazing I cannot describe it, I want to go back asap please. There was so much to do and see, everything felt surreal.
I was on the treadmill at the hotel gym looking out into Times Square hearing how Barack Obama was coming to New York the next day and stuff it was just a crazy place to visit and I loved it.

 Having this view felt so surreal, the yellow taxis are EVERYWHERE and beeping approximately every second haha

 Times Square! It was a 5 minute walk from our hotel and amazing to see in real life
 The empire state building

 wow i look cool..

 I studied this statue in art in year 9 and I got to see it in real life!! It was round the corner from our hotel and I was so excited to see it!
 We visited Ground Zero which I found so so so sad :( 9/11 has always affected me in a weird amount because despite how awful it was I find it interesting and have watched far too many documentaries and films on it. It's such a tragic and shocking event, and seeing the individual names made it so much more real.

 We went on the free Staten Island ferry. The views were fab!

 yep the plait was not a good move.. it was really hot okay!

 Central Park

 We went up the empire state building! Overpriced but so, so stunning

 We walked past a window with real life puppies in it!!!! Having to walk to past was the saddest thing

 THE APARTMENT BLOCK FROM FRIENDS!!!! I'm such a loser but I was so so so so so excited

 We hired a boat and rode around the lake in Central Park. There were little turtles in the water! Also fit selfie below x

 We went on another ferry then came straight back lol loads of point..
 I wanted to have New York cheesecake in New York so I got it in a cafe. It was pretty nice but SO overpriced and then my dad bought much nicer cheesecake in a lil market thing so I proceeded to eat half of that.
 The NBC (I think..?) studios in the Rockefeller Centre, where I later found out Ariana Grande was playing a free concert in the same building as me wtf??
 The hotel was so nice!
 China town/ Little Italy
 omg they were selling crab and errr spelled it a bit wrongly? I laughed so much hahaa

I had the most amazing time in America and would love to visit more of it. I hope these posts haven't been too boring (I'm sure they have) and if anyone is doing a similar trip there are loads of place I'd recommend, and some I didn't get round to visiting :(!) It was so much fun!!!
Laura x

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