Friday, 26 September 2014

((Sorry lol... more America!)) Yosemite National Park

I'm sure everyone is seriously bored of these posts (if anyone even reads them) but I swear, we're getting to the good bits.

Yosemite National Park was not somewhere I'd ever heard of and I wasn't sure what to expect! It's pronouned Yo-Sem-It-Ee by the way; I thought it was Yo-sem-ite for ageeees!

Anyway, we drove there and it was sooo beautiful. Like wow. But I did think 'this is a bit like England..' and luckily over the next few days I was proved wrong.

We stayed at a hotel just outside the park. It wasn't great (one of my least favourites) which was a shame but the park was so lovely it made up for it.

This is a pretty self explanatory post so I'm not providing many explanations and instead just a lot of photos! Enjoy :-))

Laura xx

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