Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Liebster award!

I haven't posted in agesss and my upcoming posts should explain why! But before I post those, I've got a different post to do!

I was very excited to discover I'd been tagged to do the Liebster Award by the lovely Kassi from http://kassiella.blogspot.co.uk

I've never done anything like this before so yay!!
Here are the rules:

✶ You must answer 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you
✶ You must link back to the person that nominated you
✶ You must nominate 11 bloggers (with under 200 followers) and give them 11 new questions
✶ You can not nominate the person who nominated you
✶ You need to leave your nominees a link to your post so they can know what to do

✶ What genre of blog do you read the most? Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, or other?
 I like reading lifestyle posts! I'm naturally very very nosey and I love to see what people are doing or where they've visited :-))

✶ Are you a Summer or a Winter person?

Both!! I LOVE Christmas and the excitement building up to the festive season, but I also love summer for travelling and the time off school, as well as the build up to the end of term! But I kind of prefer late spring weather haha!

✶ What's one thing people not many know about you?

I don't really like chocolate!
✶ What are your top three travel essentials?

 I'm worryingly practical and organised so realistically if I had to choose 3 I'd take the country's currency, my phone charger and a camera! But if I wasn't being so practical I'd say my camera, a waterproof disposable camera and suncream (okay I'm still being practical lol but I burn so easily!)

✶ If you could time travel to another era, where/when would you go?

 1960s America would be amazing! My grandparents travelled around a bit of America in the 60s as they briefly lived in Canada and their stories of it are amazing! However with less racism, more technology and rights would be amazing haha

✶ If you were the opposite sex, how different do you think you'd be?

 Hmmm I'm not sure! I can be quite outspoken and I'm not that girly! (I hardly ever wear make up and stuff) I'm not sure how different I'd be! Though I think I get on with girls more than boys so that could be an issue..
✶ What's the one beauty product that you wish you'd never bought?

 Hmmm I can't really think of one, but agesss ago I bought a body butter in Primark (it was £1 I think I was excited by the price lol) and I got a rash from it lol so that!
✶ How would you describe your fashion style?

 Hmmm, I wear a lot of second hand clothes but overall my taste is messy! I like things with collars, high waisted trousers/shorts/skirts, but the overall fashion goal is to dress like a Zara model.. I'm not sure I fit into a category!

✶ What are your top five films?

 I'm so glad this wasn't my top film because I can never choose! My top 5 are: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, About Time, Juno, the Harry Potter films (counting them as one okay) and Mean Girls!
✶ Do you have a happy place? If not, describe what your happy place would be like

If it's a literal place, then the bath! Haha I could spend hours in the bath, listening to the radio and lying back in the bubbles omg. It's so warm!
✶ Post a selfie!

Here's a selfie I took at the Grand Canyon lol, not a bad view!

I nominate:

Mollie (I can't find your url so here's your old one)


I'm rubbish and i can't find anyone else to tag :-(((( I have limited followers and people I follow sorry!!

But these are my questions

1- What would your dream job be?
2- What is your favourite sound to fall asleep to?
3- What has been the strangest experience of your life?
4- Are there any tv shows/films you can watch over and over without getting bored?
5- Do you prefer taking photos or having your photo taken?
6- Do you want children? If so, how many?
7- What is your most expensive item of clothing?
8- Do you regularly read any magazines/newspapers?
9- How often do you paint your nails?
10- Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, what colours?
11- Do you have/have you had any pets?
12- Which is your favourite Harry Potter book/film?


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