Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Mini Topshop haul :-)

Someone requested I do a topshop haul which was pretty exciting for me as I was unaware that anyone actually read my posts!!
So topshop is one of my favourite shops but idek I haven't bought much from there recently!! I did get a few things though which will feature in this:-))

A topshop near my school was getting like refurbished and reopened on a morning where I have a double free. I saw on facebook that the first 100 customers got a 'free gift' so me and my friends decided to go.
We found out that you had to buy something to get the little free gift bag, so beating the system I bought a small £1 bag of sweets lol

 The first thing I got was this dark blue eyeliner. It's a felt tip nip. I didn't own any topshop make up until this day and I am so far genuinely happy with this eyeliner! It's easy to apply and I like the colour and it leaves a thin line!

 I'm not sure about this lipstick! It's very pale which makes it good for every day, however it's so pale that I worry it looks like I have concealer on my lips... (a stunning look which was very popular in like year 7). However the lipstick itself was fine, I just wouldn't have chosen this shade!

Finally in the bag was this nail varnish. Sorry the photo of it on didn't show up! I love this shade and thing it will be nice in Autumn time; it's not too bright and applied well (as you can see it isn't on in that photo!)

At the weekend I went camping as my friend's mum had a mini music festival for her birthday. In order to get there I had to get a few buses and managed to miss one of the connecting ones so I wandered in to a local shopping centre. They had an amazing topshop sale, though I didn't have much time and only got a few things. I could easily have got more though!!

 I went crazy and started picking up armfuls of stuff to try on. They had loads left and I saw this dress and was shocked that it was only £7!! It's so cute omg and soft and ah I love it! I tried on the 8 as I'm usually an 8-10 but it was huge so I got the 6 and it's still a bit oversized (topshop sizing is not great haha!)

Finally I just bought these 3 super cute pairs of socks as they were only £1 each! I just thought they were so cute and you can never have too many socks, right?!

I didn't buy much but I like everything I got and it only cost me £11 :'-)! So overall I'm very happy aha, I hope you enjoyed this post :-))!
Laura x


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  2. Been wanting to try out a topshop lipstick for so long!

    I've tagged you in the Liebster Award over on my blog by the way, go and check it out!

    kassiella.blogspot.co.uk x x x

    1. I'd recommend it :-)! Oh thanks so much, I will now! xxx

  3. You got some lovely bits, I love all of the make up!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

    1. thank you so much :-)!! I was so excited that it was free haha, definitely going to purchase their make up again :-)