Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Summer is over

I meant to post this yesterday but forgot. Summer is over for me now as I started sixth form today (though the weather doesn't seem to agree as it's boiling) and so I made this video summing up my summer.
I actually did some lovely things and completed all but 1 of my summer bucketlist (i didn't go for a bike ride which is silly because i could esaily have done)
Here's a list of some of the things I did do then I'd love for you to watch the video :-)!

-Went on a lovely holiday with one of my best friends and my parents
-Went to my first music festival
-Stayed with Beth
-Had a movie day
-Slept loads
-Watched lots of tv
-Went to London twice
-Went camping with my friends
-Went to Bath
-Went for a day out in a little seaside town
-Worked and earned money
-Exercised quite a bit
-Had some lovely barbecues at the beach
-Went for some cute little picnics
-Watched the fireworks on the beach
-Got my GCSE results
-Saw 14 meteors

Enjoy, from Laura x

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