Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to survive school

I really like reading back to school style posts even though I don't enjoy school so I thought I'd do some tips and basically talk you through my school routine. This post is somewhat cringey okay so sorry for that! This has been perfected over the last 5 years and I think it's realistic and achievable (as opposed to my idealistic ideas of waking up at 4 and jogging while watching the sunrise then meditating in the garden.. not so likely).

The night before

The more you get done now, the better. It might seem depressing to do school related things when you've just returned, but seriously, you'll be thankful in the morning.
  • First off: homework. Don't put it off. Some of my friends seem to leave homework until Sunday evening and I do not understand how. During the week try to do as much as you can on the day it's set, meaning when you finish you can actually relax instead of having that horrible feeling that you have more to do. It might not be fun or interesting, so reward yourself with snacks and tv afterwards.
  • Next, pack your bag for tomorrow. I genuinely do not understand how people don't do this. Why would you want the hassle in the morning?! Check your timetable, put your books in, folders next to your bag, all that. Now if you can't find a textbook or something you have time to prepare (aka turn room upside down searching for it). This is also why it's good to do all your homework first; you can put your books in now without having to get them out again. Also now's a great time to realise you've forgotten to take out your lunchbox or stock up on tissues and stuff, just give yourself plenty of time for these mini emergencies.
  • Now you can do whatever you want. Watch some tv, climb a mountain if you really want to. But you can relax for a while. After dinner, or whatever you're doing around 7 ish, I think is a good time to make your lunch for tomorrow. I'm not sure why, this is just when I like to make it. It's good to do this the night before because it just means you can get up later the next day. If you're lucky enough to have parents who'll make it for you then that's fab but I don't. For years I didn't eat lunch whilst at school and if you do that then it's stupid!! Take lunch. You need energy and also lunch is great. Once you've made it, fill up your water bottle and put them together in the fridge, this way when you come to get them out, they're together and neither get forgotten (forgetting your lunch is so sad).

how cute is my lunch box?!

  • I'd also recommend having your bath/shower the night before. I always have baths, and although a shower may be a great way to wake yourself up, it's just another task to face in the morning. Also, a lovely relaxing bubble bath is the perfect way to unwind in the evening. This is optional of course and if you always shower in the morning then that's cool, but just try this because I think the more sleep the better.
  • Get your clothes ready for tomorrow. If you wear uniform I find it useful to lay it out in the right order, even with underwear, tights, etc. Just to make things simple. You also have time to discover if your jumper/skirt/shoes are missing. I've had many mornings stood in blouse and tights digging through my wardrobe for a skirt and it is not fun. If you don't have uniform you might want to plan your outfit now, I don't at the moment as the weather's so changeable but I think I will later on in the year.
  • Have an early night. I guess it depends how much sleep you need and how early you have to wake up, but if I'm not in bed by 10 every night I get seriously tired. For some people this may seem ridiculously early but it works for me. I think 9.30 is like my best time for going to sleep because after a few days I don't feel too tired when I wake up. If you have trouble sleeping try drinking a calming tea (it honestly helps), coming off the computer/your phone about half an hour before bed and try reading in bed with low lighting.
  • Set an achievable alarm. Don't set 4 or 5 or hit the snooze button. Tell yourself when you're going to wake up and stick to it. It's much easier and you know how much time you have so there's no need to rush. I leave the house just after 7.30 so my alarm's set for 6.48, but you'll know how much time you need.

The next morning

  • You're now awake and it probably feels far too early. If anyone has tips for waking up when it's dark outside then please help because I find that so depressing. Most of the time though I like to sleepily wander downstairs in my pyjamas and turn on the kettle before even beginning to think. 
my bed is the comfiest thing in the world omg
  • If you have to check your phone (I always hope I'll have a text saying school's been cancelled) just turn it on now, and leave it. When you come back upstairs check for any urgent texts but if not just leave it and reply on the way to school. Don't let yourself get distracted by social networks and suddenly it's time to go and you're in your pyjamas- speaking from experience here!
  • Get your lunch out of the fridge and put it by your shoes or in your bag. This was you'll see it and won't forget it! You'll also see it in the fridge when you're getting your breakfast, perfect.
  • I like to have tea and toast or crunchy nut for breakfast, porridge in the winter, but have whatever you want. Don't skip breakfast!! For a couple of years I never had breakfast because I just saw it as an easy meal to skip and this was stupid. It's very hard to concentrate when you haven't eaten and makes you more hungry throughout the day. Go for something with carbs which slowly release energy as opposed to loads of sugar as it realises it quickly, and if you're tired maybe tea or coffee as they contain caffeine. I like to settle down in front of the tv with my breakfast and munch away whilst watching Arthur (not a joke) but if this slows you down then just eat. 
  • Now I like to wash my face. This wakes you up definitely. I use hot water on a face cloth, pat my face dry then cleanse and moisturise. Pretty simple but effective. 
  •  After this I choose my outfit and get changed. This is probably a weird tip but if you use roll on deodrant while it's drying I start to brush my hair. Is this just me or is it awful putting on something with tight underarms when the deodrant hasn't quite dried- ew. So yeah I like to do that.
  • Next I do my hair. To be honest I tend to just brush it but I'll occasionally do something more elaborate. Be sure you're checking the clock all this time too!  If you wear make up to school I'd put it on now. I tend not to, but if I'm wearing a bit of concealer/ curling my eyelashes I would do it now, so that you've got all the important stuff done and if you had to skip a stage it would be this one.
  • Finally, I go downstairs and put my lunch in my bag, put my shoes on, pick up my bus money and leave. I don't like waking up early but I really do think this makes it bearable! If you have any tips feel free to share and I hope this helps someone :-)!
Laura x


  1. I loved reading this and found it so useful! Aww :) xx

  2. I totally agree about getting your bag ready for the next day, I still do this even now for uni and work! It's the most important thing to me as I find myself dashing about rushed already in the mornings trying to pack it all if not and always forget things! x

    The Little Things

    1. Me too! I hate the feeling of realising you've forgotten something when you've arrived, it's much better to be prepared!x

  3. haha, I have to admit that I'm guilty of hitting the sleep button, or just plain sleeping through my alarm - good luck with it all!

    1. I've never done it strangely! I think if I didn't get out of bed straight away then I never would! Thank you, you too!