Saturday, 31 August 2013

Small haul

I don't tend to buy a lot of things in one go, so although this is called a 'small' haul it's not all that small for me! Over the last week or so I've bought a few things and as I was feeling quite uninspired I decided to post about the things I got!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been struggling to find clothes to wear which fit in with my sixth form's uniform rules, so I've been searching for skirts and trousers to wear. On Wednesday I went to London with a group of friends (read all about it here) in the hope of buying plenty of things there, however I didn't find many.
I did get this dress though:

This was the main thing I bought in London. I'd been panicking that I hadn't bought a lot when I saw it in Dorothy Perkins. It's not a shop I often go in but they have some very cute things and it's not too expensive; this was £29. I love the colours and print, and it's also knee length so perfect for sixth form.

The only other thing I bought in London were these sweet owl earrings in Forever 21. I don't understand why there aren't more Forever 21 stores around the UK because the stuff is really nice and reasonably priced! The jewellery is so cheap, these were £1.65.

On Friday my mum suggested we went shopping to get a few more sixth form things and so I agreed to go, though I didn't expect to get anything. We looked in a few shops but there wasn't anything that I really liked, then in H&M I spotted this lovely blouse which was half price. They had other colours and patterns but I thought this one was lovely and at £3.99 was a bargain.

(the huge circle is a tag and not some strange design)
My mum made me try on some trousers and I'd found a pair when I spotted these. I really dislike the way my legs look in trousers, so aside from leggings with oversized jumpers I hardly ever wear them. But I decided to try on these too as my mum kept insisting I'd find a pair I liked. Now, although they don't quite transform my legs in the way I wish they could, I actually felt okay in these and decided to buy them. At £9.99 they were another bargain so I'm glad I got them.

I've never owned a cleanser before and my facial routine tends to be 'wash face with water then occasionally apply moisturiser' but recently I've been getting more spots so I thought it was time to buy one, particularly as everyone on youtube considers them an essential.
I have very sensitive skin so I went for this one, I think it was around £3.

I've only used it twice so far but it seems good.

I also bought this gel make up remover because I was running out, but also because gel seems more interesting than all the previous liquid ones I've had. This was only about £1.50

I didn't technically buy this and I've had it for about 2 or 3 weeks so I'm not sure if it should technically be in this haul but oh well!
My aunt is a school teacher and so at the end of the school year gets gifts off children in her class, and anyone she doesn't want she passes on to me. One of the things she gave me is this:
At first I wasn't that keen on the smell. I'm not that sure how to describe it, it's vaguely citrusy and spicy at the same time, but I actually have come to like it. As you can see I've used a lot! I tend to find that moisturisers don't absorb quickly enough and you're left feeling slightly sticky, and I expected to feel like that with this, but I didn't! It absorbs into the skin quickly and easily and leaves you feeling moisturised a long time afterwards. This is from M&S and is definitely a good buy.

This morning me and my dad went into Primark and I picked up a few things. I love shopping for socks and I wanted a few cute pairs to wear to sixth form when I saw these. They're so cute and much cheaper than other shops.

The multipack were £2.50 and the white pair £1.50 which I thought were great prices!

Finally I got this really cute cup, not exactly for me but I think I'll be the one using it. It's great for taking out and until I picked up this one I didn't realise they're plastic which is good as I thought they would smash. This was only £2.50 and would be great for taking tea or coffee to sixth form.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions for posts :-)! Laura x

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