Sunday, 29 September 2013

Halloween costume ideas!!

Okay I know halloween isn't for a month or so but I'm stuck for ideas fo posts and thought this would be a fun post! I love halloween and I'm hoping someone has a party this year so I can dress up!! However I'll be ill as I'll have just had my tonsils out which is sad so I may just be dressed up at home in bed on loads of pain killers...
Anyway, these are my 3 easy costume ideas! I don't go to many parties (any to be honest...) but when I do go to fancy dress ones the first two are what I usually wear, and they're very simple!

me aged 9 lollllll

Outfit 1- Native American costume
Now I'm a little concerned posting this that I may be appropriating culture so sorry if this is like offensive to anyone!! My parents made the dress for me when I was 9 and a girl in my class had an Indian party (like cowboys and indians) and we stayed in a teepee and it was really fun!! My parents are not creative and we made it purely because it was so simple and buying a good costume usually costs about £30. To recreate this either wear a brown dress, preferably with some fringing or if you're making it we got a large piece of suede material, folded it in half and cut a head hole (be careful with this as my mum cut it way too big) then sew up the sides. You could even safety pin to be honest.  Buy some edging (we got ours in haberdashery) and sew it around the top. We did all the sewing by hand and I'd guess in total it took a couple of hours and cost around £8. We then bought a headdress from a 'party store' near my house for around £4, though you could make your own using tutorials like this.
To complete the look I drew 3 lines across my cheeks, wore sandals (or heels if you prefer) and attached these plaits which I also got in the party store, though you can just plait your hair! I attached a piece of cord around my waist to tighten it too.

 I included this last photo to show how short my dress is! To make this more age/weather appropriate just add tights :-)
I think this is such an easy and effective costume and you can make it cheaply!

Outfit 2: Ballerina.
 This is so simple and I think it looks great. I bought the leotard over 3 years ago from primark as part of a costume for a gym and dance competition at school. I think it was £4, and you can still buy them in loads of shops now (if you dance you could just wear one you dance in).
Next to make the tutu I used this tutorial on rookie. i bought a lot less of the netting than it said- i think i bought a metre squared for around £6 however if you want a thicker one just buy more. And i bought the ribbon in the fabric shop for £1. I'd suggest buying an extra piece for your hair.
The tutorial is very easy to follow but time consuming! I think it took 2 hours but it's definitely worth it.
please excuse my face in these, i didn't think my head would be in them

profesh ballet pose lol

me on new year's ever looking... interesting. no wonder no one kissed me at midnight lols
To completely the look I would wear simple, girly make up and tie hair in a bun. I have a pair of shoes which look like ballet shoes and one time i wore this I tied ribbon up my leg. However any pink or light coloured shoes would work.

Outfit 3: Cat.
 Okay I will explain now that I intended to do this outfit when I found out I've lost my leotard. In the ballerina photos I just wore a black vest top so I can't take photos of the cat one :-(
 Now I expect some people would consider this 'slutty' and inappropriate and I guess if you're going to like a family party this isn't the best look, but I think with thick tights it's not revealing at all and yanno it is halloween!! To do this I would use the leotard previous look and a pair of thick tights, though you could use more than one pair if you prefer. To get a tail I would use a safety pin to attach a piece of black fabric to the back of the leotard, though I'm hoping to get something fluffier!
To make the headband I will use this tutorial, however I might swap the craft wire for a pipe cleaner. If you dont fancy making one you could easily get one in a fancy dress shop or even some shops like topshop had them for a while.
To complete the look I think make up is key. I'll use thick black eyeliner, mascara and then paint my nose black and draw whiskers using the eyeliner. Finally add black heels or any black shoes would work. If you aren't comfortable wearing just a leotard you could wear a skirt or shorts, like my friends did to a new year's ever party.
okay you can't see her outfit, but mollie was a cat on new year's ever!
 This is a lot more casual so if it's not strict fancy dress I'd definitely do this- don't want a Mean Girls moment

Outfit 4: Little Red Riding Hood.
I wore this on my last day of year 11 after a lot of debating, and I think it turned out pretty well! I look awful in the photos from that day though, I was tired and urgh just not attractive! I wore a school dress which my mum bought in Asda for £3.99, it's literally one of the ones people wear to primary school haha. We bought a little apron in a haberdashery for £4 and I borrowed some velvet from a friend and a basket from my grandma. I wore brogues and white socks!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any suggestions for future posts or how to improve these costumes or anything really please comment!
Laura x


  1. Laura, I've only just read this, but you're so adorable!