Monday, 26 August 2013

Back to school

I don't even want to think about school (well sixth form) so we're going to not think about the actual lessons part and focus on the fun stuff, aka stationery and clothes!! Now that I have my gcse results and know I'm definitely going to sixth form I've been thinking (panicking) about outfits and getting stuff ready which is fun but also confirming that summer is coming to an end.
This post is going to be in a few parts, I'll start off with clothes!

Sixth form clothes

My sixth form allows us to wear our own clothes instead of a uniform which I have worn for the last 12 years of my education. Some people may be excited by this prospect but I have dreaded this for ages! I struggle enough on non uniform days, let alone 2 whole years. To make it worse, we have a strict uniform code, including no jeans, no leggings, no short skirts, no bare shoulders etc which means I can't wear most of my clothes :-(((
I've bought a few things to comply with the rules though I think they'll relax the rules after the first few weeks. These outfits aren't exactly what I'd usually wear and I'm still unsure about them but hopefully they're not too bad haha.

Outfit 1:

I love this skirt because I think the pattern and colours are lovely! But it's just below knee length (is this called midi?!) and this isn't a style I would usually go for, however I'm forcing myself to like it, partly as it's for sixth form haha. I think it looks pretty with this blouse tucked into it, as the blouse is quite plain but has the detailed collar. I feel a bit like this isn't the most flattering look as it appears that I have no waist, however it's quite formal and smart but still pretty so I do like this outfit.
Skirt- £22 Dorothy Perkins
Blouse- Primark last October, around £10

In winter I'll probably wear a cardigan over this and maybe tights, though I'm not sure which colour would go with it? Also my shoulders are bare with this so I'm already breaking one rule oops

Outfit 2:

I love skater skirts andhave quite a few, however they're probably too short for my sixth form uniform code. Hopefully when worn over thick tights they want have a problem with them. The blouse is very detailed which is why I paired it with a somewhat boring skirt. The colours don't completely go but I think it looks a little like a school skirt. I like this outfit however the blouse is too big which I wear as oversized but I find the shoulder pads make it a little too formal so I would probably cut them out. The skirt's a little too big so I may have to use a safety pin to hold it up haha.
Skirt- Forever 21, £5.95
Blouse- It was a gift from a friend but I think it's vintage

Outfit 3:

This is the one I'm probably least sure of, also I'm aware the blouse is completely see through here and I would wear a top under it as I did with the first outfit! I didn't notice until after I'd take them oops. I feel uncomfortable wearing a maxi skirt and I'm not sure why! I guess it's because I hardly ever wear them so I guess I should try to get used to it as I actually think this looks okay! It's quite simple and plain with the collar adding a little detail, so I guess I'd wear a necklace or something to make it more interesting.
Blouse- as in first outfit
Skirt- £5 from a shop in London

Outfit 4:

This is the outfit I like the most and feel the most comfortable in mainly because I love to wear dresses!! I got this in the new look sale in January and I love the collar and I just think it's really pretty. I'm not a massive New Look fan but they occasionally have some nice things and this one of those occasions! It's quite plain but with a patterned cardigan I think it looks really cute!
Dress: New Look, £9

As you can see I don't wear trousers often, though I intend to buy a pair of high waisted trousers when I go shopping next week!

Other back to school stuff!!

As well as clothing I stocked up on some stationery and a new school bag as my current one is quite literally falling apart. Here are some photos!

I'm using my pencil case from last year- a Cath Kidston make up bag, and using the same old pencils, glue etc. However I got these 3 pens from a paperchase outlet:-)

 I'm also reusing my folders as I spent so long decorating them, though I got this new blue one in Asda which I'm yet to decorate.
 I always run out of paper so it's good to have a pad like this, though if you're buying them check the paper quality because some of them are rubbish

 I always lose pens throughout the school year so I bought a pack of 10 biros to constantly top up my pencil case as I run out.

 I am so in love with my adorable new school bag!!! It's bigger than it looks (it will fit A4) and I just adore it. It was £32 from Accessorize and I'm so glad I got it aww

Thanks for reading, please leave comments and follow me :'-)! Laura x


  1. My god Laura, could you be more perfect? The clothes are gorgeous and so fresh - not like the chavvy people you'll find at school! Also, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who uses Cath Kidston purses/ make up bags as pencilcases ;) I saw your schoolbag a few weeks ago... my sister was going to buy it for Year 11, she got a lovely little satchel with musical notes all over it instead though :') xoxo

    1. Awww you're so sweet omg :'-)! Thank you so much!! Haha I didn't even realise they weren't pencil cases until I noticed the free mirror! Aw I wanted a satchel or rucksack but couldn't find many under like £100! That sounds so sweet though aw!xxx

    2. You're the one that's sweet & cute! You're so welcome. A free mirror is definitely worth it though ;) this is just a perfect blog post, basically. xoxo

  2. This is just waaaay too cute, like... the outfits look perfect on you even though you say you don't feel comfortable in some of them (like the maxi-skirts) but I can only say you look absolutely lovely, so keep that in mind! And the dress, OH MY GOD, it's... amazing! I hope you'll have a great time in school and could you post some more posts like this one in the future? xxx

    1. Aww omg that's such a lovely comment thank you so much!! That's so kind of you aw :'-)! sure, I intended to do more kind of outfit posts but I wasn't sure people would like them but now I know a couple of people did I'll definitely do it! Thank you again xxx