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Really long holiday post!

When I'm working I think up stories in my head which probably makes me crazy but it means I've planned this entire post in my head already so I just need to type it out!
At the start of July I went to Rhodes for a week with my parents and my friend Mollie and it was so so so fun! So yeah I'm going to blog about it and post some photos but I had such an amazing week. Also an advanced warning for the photo layout, I'm rubbish at using this! Sorry! Also this is ridiculously long, sorry again haha!

Saturday: Our flight was at 3pm so we arrived at the airport at 1 and queued for ages to check in. When we'd got through into the departure lounge we went and got lunch at a little restaurant and as it was our main meal that day I had a veggie burger and chips which was so nice, but we started panicking that our flight would be called so we had to eat really quickly. When they called our flight we queued and got on, however it was slightly depressing leaving England during a heat wave! The flight was just over 4 hours, however they're 2 hours ahead in Rhodes so we arrived at 9pm local time. I love flying but my ears popped and it was so painful for most of the journey which was not fun.

A couple of photos I took on the plane, the Alps are in the bottom one
When we arrived in Rhodes the heat hit us so much. It had been warm in England but this was something else, even though it was 9pm. We collected our cases and waited on the coach for half an hour as some people's cases had gone missing. After an hour on the coach we ended up arriving at our apartments at 11pm. It looked really pretty and we checked in before going to our apartment. We wanted to buy a few things so we asked where the nearest supermarket was and were told it was 50m away so at 11.55pm we walked down to the supermarket to get milk, water and bread before going back to go to sleep.

Sunday: Today was Mollie's birthday! Stepping out onto the balcony to have breakfast was the weirdest thing because it was absolutely boiling; over 30 degrees celcius and compared to the air conditioned apartment it was weird. We went to a meeting with the travel rep who told us about various trips and then went for a swim. At the meeting we found out that we had access to 5 pools, one of which was on a roof terrace and looked amazing and we aimed to go in all 5. The roof terrace one was my favourite. We had some lunch and Mollie opened her presents before we went back in the pool. At around 4.30 we went back to the apartment, just as the rep came in with a cake for Mollie! The cake was amazing and from the bakery in town, however the bakery was up a steep hill and in the boiling heat I would not have wanted to walk there!
Mollie with her cake wearing the top I gave her for her birthday aw
Afterwards we went to beach for a swim before going out for dinner. The sea there was incredible and warm and omg I want to go back! We walked into the town to find a restaurant and it became clear very quickly that Rhodes is not used to vegetarians! We did go to a nice place though where I had a hamoumi salad intended to be a starter, it was nice but not very filling.

Monday: Mollie and I overslept meaning that we left to go to the town of Lindos at around 11.30 and it was so, so hot. It's supposedly the hottest place on the island and I genuinely thought I was going to melt. Unfortunately the extreme heat put me into a bad mood which I now feel guilty for as I guess I was not fun to be around! The shops were adorable but the unbearable heat made it hard to appreciate, and stopping at cafe was literally a life saver. Here are a few photos of Lindos. We went back to the apartments around lunchtime and spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool, swimming and at the beach before having a meal in the apartment that evening.

We got crepes (photo below) and they had a kinder bueno spread- it was amazing!
It was so beautiful in Lindos and the sea looked amazing
I like this photo because we're both trying not to laugh as Mollie had just called my dad 'dad'

 Tuesday: This was my favourite day of the holiday, however I don't have many photos. We went to a water park! It was honestly so fun and we go to one every time I go on holiday. It was supposedly the biggest one in Europe and it was so good!

A photo from the website

There were lots of rides, some of which you could go down in double rubber rings which was so fun. My favourite was a huge bubble. It was like a bouncy castle material with a huge sprinkler thing at the top which sprayed out water and bubbles. There were ropes up it so you could climb and slide down, it was so fun and here's some photos of it. It was on the side of a mountain meaning the views were incredible and there was so much to do that we had such a good day- it was so fun that we were too busy to have lunch! Afterwards we caught the free shuttle bus back to the apartments and later went out for dinner at a lovely pizza restaurant (photo below)

Wednesday: We had a fairly quiet day by the pool and at the beach, and this is where the post loses any excitement! I managed to read 5 books while we were away which considering I started on Wednesday was quite impressive! It was so hot that we'd sit for around 20 minutes on the sun loungers in the shade before getting so hot that the had to jump into the pool to cool off! However the pool was great so I'm not complaining!
A disposable of Mollie and I in the pool

this photo shows the location better- it was beautiful

That evening we weren't going out for a meal as we ended up doing it on alternate nights because it was quite expensive, so we went out for a drink instead. I had a lovely pistachio milkshake at one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. 
Mollie and I in the beautiful cafe overlooking the sea

 Thursday: We visited a little town called Lardos, which had been advertised as an 'unspoilt Greek town' so we went with mixed expectations. As I'd expected it was just a little town very much like the one we were staying in. We ended up spending about 45 minutes there which was a bit pointless however I had a nice milkshake and some delicious ice cream so it was okay.

Afterwards we had another day relaxing by the pools and swimming in the sea, before going to a lovely restuarant which had it's own pool and roof garden. We didn't swim but it looked nice.

Friday: This was our last full day and we had another relaxing day which probably sounds boring but it was actually a nice break after exams. We went out to the cafe again for another drink and had dinner at the apartment. Afterwards we went out for a walk into the town and looked around the shops. We bought my brother some fake ray bans and I bought some presents for my friends and I love how on holiday the evenings are more lively than the days, and because it's so hot it's really nice to be out. We went back to the apartments and my parents convinced Mollie and I to go to the karaoke which was hilarious. This was because hardly anyone was there and we ended up sitting at the front. We'd hoped to laugh at any bad singers but the woman running it announced that she would like a singer from each table and we started to panic. Because it was so empty we felt we couldn't just leave so had an ingenious idea. Under the table I called Mollie who then answered the call, I hung up and she said loudly 'mum? mum i can't hear you here' before getting up and walking away from the table. I then waited for a moment then followed her saying 'mollie what's going on?!' and we broke into a run and escaped. It was actually hilarious omg
Me looking not very traumatised despite our ordeal
Saturday: Aw this was a sad day because it was our last. My parents paid extra for late check out as our flight wasn't until the evening and we wanted the apartment for the day. We finally went in the fifth pool and swam in the sea for the last time. We ate a late lunch at the cafe at the apartments where I had a veggie burger- well a hash brown in a roll and we got on the coach around 5.30pm. The airport was awful. It was quite big but there was no restaurant and only one shop, however there was a nice ice cream place where I had nutella ice cream. Because of the time difference our flight was 10pm-2am Rhodes time and I was so exhausted that I attempted to sleep the whole way back which was difficult because they seemed to have an announcement every 2 minutes! Mollie sat next to me crying at The Fault In Our Stars aw:'-) Here are a couple of photos from the last day

As you can see the sea was beautiful!

I had a lovely time in Rhodes and we hadn't been on a family holiday for 3 years so it was really fun, especially with Mollie there :-)
Hope you all have a lovely summer xxx

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