Wednesday, 6 January 2016

travel update

Today we went to STA for the 3rd or 4th time. They've been really helpful for advice and information, suggesting activities and they have loads of tours and stuff available if you want a more organised trip.

 Today we wanted to discuss visas, insurance and time scale and this was really useful as the people working there are well travelled so can speak from experience.

 Visas are something we've struggled with as different websites advise different things, but we gave STA a photocopy of out passports and they're sorting a tourist visa for Australia for us. Aside from that we mainly seem to need passport photos and money in US dollars to buy the visas out there. 

Insurance is another tricky one because we want to make sure all our activities are covered without paying too much. The standard package didn't include cycling which is something we're keen to do, and as I'm taking my camera I'm keen to find an insurance package that covers this. Our time scale means we may be rushed out there in order to get our flight to Australia. Depending on budget we may be able to extend our trip, and as we have multi flex passes we'll be able to change our flight dates free of charge which is very convenient. 

It's all becoming very real and I got this bag from accessorize while we were in town. I intend to take a big like hiking rucksack and then this one for day activities, as it's a good size and a pretty durable activity. It will hopefully also hold a lot of hand luggage which will be very useful on our 15 hour journey out there. 
Oops the picture is sideways- this was only £11

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