Sunday, 3 January 2016

life update and aesthetically pleasing things

It's now just over 8 weeks until I go travelling which is very weird because it's just seemed like this thing waaaay in the future and now it's real and it just doesn't feel real idk. I have enough money now so this last 8 weeks is just to save extra and I may stay in Australia for a bit longer depending on various shiz so it would be useful for that.

December has been a pretty good month. Tbh I have lost all track of time and I was about to list events from December but it's a hit of a blur of moments involving work, alcohol, crying and eating. I definitely had mini Christmas with my friends, an annual thing where we meet up and make a roast and do secret santa and reminisce over our tragic lives. I love it. I also went up to Kent with Beth for a night to go to gaby's Christmas party and have a lot of my hair chopped off which was fun. The night before we were meant to go out but we all ended up sat I'm spoons having overdue conversations and it was very very nice. My life has changed a lot recently and I don't notice properly until I think about my relationships with different people. But hey; that's life.

I also worked Christmas eve, day, boxing day and new years day which was a pretty surreal experience. Tbf I argue with my family p much non stop so yeah was probs a good thing. I will eventually do a present haul as it was requested and I got some lovely things and I also bought a fuck ton of stuff in the sale so I will do a post on that. So my incompetence as a blogger haha.

Anyway I had the weekend of work and the rain FINALLY stopped this afternoon after approx noah's ark. Among other activities me and Beth went for a walk in the pretty places near our houses. Powered through the bizarre looks we good which I also give out when I see people publicly posing lol but in my defence people do ask me to make these haha (trying to justify myself and failing I expect)

 Lipstick is Flat Out Fabulous by MAC and other stuff is mainly Charlotte Tilbury

 Top and skirt from zara
 Boots are from topshop

 Coat from zara (common theme in beth's wardrobe haha)

 Stripey top (aka my fav item of clothing I wear 99% of the time) from monki

 A very fit dungaree/sock/shoe combo
Socks are my fav from topshop
Shoes are Dr martens
Wearing beth's coat from topshop
And Lady Danger lipstick by MAC
Dungarees are from boohoo, I swear they look nice when they haven't fallen down to give me a massive crotch x cute x

I usually edit photos before posting them and I haven't so soz haha, here's a few nice ones of scenery and shit x

Laura x

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