Tuesday, 5 January 2016

sales shopping

I was previously like a bargain queen, wearing entire outfits worth less than £10 and I was pretty proud of my achievements. Having a full time job changed that tho and my attitude to money is frequently 'this is only worth 6 hours work so therefore I should buy it'. Especially with double pay on Christmas and boxing day, so I bought a fair amount in the sales. Not quite achieving my minimalistic 'I don't need possessions' aims. Ah well.

First I did some online shopping bc I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed. I headed to asos and boohoo and got some classics

I've wanted long dungarees forever but my disproportionate body makes it hurt to buy full length stuff. I found these in the sale on boohoo for £20 and went for a 12 or 14 (can't remember which) so they're baggy on some parts but generally fit pretty well.

Next I got this dress (also from boohoo) for also out £8.50. This was the first time I'd gone for a body con dress ever (what a big day) so that was pretty exciting though probably a bad choice after a large meal at new years lol

Next I bought stuff on asos. I got a cute sparkly bra bra too from monki which I haven't photographed bc I thought it would be weird but that's also v cute.

I got this bikini top (sadly they didn't have the bottoms :((). I go travelling in like 2 months and so I thought it would be useful I have no boobs but like a large chest area which makes bikinis hard to buy so I was actually well happy with the fit of this bc I don't think it looks too weird despite having no tits lol.

Next I got this dress. I was a bit unsure about it but my mum liked it (lol) and also said 'make someone have a 60s party so you can wear it' lol what. It was £8.50 and is really loose and thin so I thought a potential travelling outfit maybs?

I ventured further afield and went on 3 shopping trips. Of the first two I only bought this well cute make up bag with brushes from boots, the rabbit design is so cute and I now own a million brushes which makes me happy (I'm a girl!!!) I'll do a blog post on make up soon

I also got some stuff in zara. I got this dress which I love and was £30 in the sale but is so pretty and has bat wings and is just the best ah.

I also got perfume and a stripey top but it has puffy sleeves :(((( so I am gonna return it

I also went to primark and bought a dungaree dress. It was £12 and I've wanted one for ages yes lads. They only had big sizes so I got a 16 but I quite like it  being oversized

I also got a long black cardigan for £7. It's very practical and warm and yeah just a good investment tbh

The hunt for the perfect stripey top and super cheap Dr martens continues, but in the mean time these shall keep me going

Laura x


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