Monday, 15 June 2015

little life update

I haven't posted in forever. It's strange that now, the day before my psychology A Level exam which I am freaking out about, I've decided to finally post. Oops. A lot has happened, but also not really. There are just a few things I want to document.

I've been with Jack since October 2014. Aside from a few slip ups and 'break' (I feel like the 'we were on a break' bit in Friends when I think about it haha) which was in like April. Um. Dunno what else to say. I guess first boyfriend is still a fairly significant thing, even if for most people they're about 5 years younger than I am, but hey. Also tip on recruiting boyfriend: make sure they have a car. Getting driven around is fabulous as I'm still in the early stages of learning lol (read: I'm absolutely shit)

My mum was diagnosed with cancer in March. This came as a massive shock as I think really, we all consider ourselves to be somewhat indestructible, and I think life likes to send us reminders that that's not the case. After an operation to remove the bad bit of boob and a series of radiotherapy her treatment is over for the moment. However I know how much she has struggled to come to terms with it psychologically and it has really affected her in that way. I guess the only thing I can do it be supportive of whatever happens, amd fortunately she has lots of loving friends and family around her.

My brother returned from a year in America. When we went on our trip in August we left him there and he came back in early June. He's pretty much sleeping and frying food, so I don't see him a lot. I'd got used to being an only child by the end, haha.

I think my friends have changed. We were always a small, enclosed group, and I guess we needed to grow up. We'll be off to uni in September (I say we though two of my friends and I are taking a gap year) but it looks like a lot of us we'll be ending up together after all. While we have other friends and things have changed I'm glad I still have supportive, caring friends around me who I genuinely have such a good time with, even if we now also like alcohol and boys (I mean, we always did, just didn't have so much access to boys)

I finished school, forever. 4 A Level exams done, which have gone okay, but not brolliantly. I'm so happy to be finished with school ahhh. A break from the mundane routine will be amazing. Well, 2 exams to go, one of which I haven't even finished notes on. No wonder I stress ate half a loaf of bread earlier lol.

A final thought. A year ago today I received the terrible news that one of my best friends had attempted suicide. Last week I received the awful news of a car crash which a friend was in, with really awful consequences. While I can moan and moan about tiny insignificant problems, and hey, just because something isn't major doesn't mean it can't affect you, it really puts everything into perspecive. Things could be a whole lot worse. So i'm just going to focus on positivity and yeah, and sending lots of good thoughts to both of those friends.

Laura x

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