Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Hello!! Life has been a bit weird! I finished my a levels, broke up with my boyfriend, started working around 30 hours a week while trying to maintain a social life. So yeah! And also have done quite a bit of shopping so I thought I would share what I've bought!

I went to London with my friends about a month ago and got some pretty fab stuff! And I also went to stay with beth which was so much fun and did some shopping when we went to Brighton for the day
 And today I went to h&m with my mum and bought a lot so yeahhhh!
Enjoy :))) and check out my depop x__laura__x for some of my old clothes haha

My friend Beth gave me this playsuit ( above) so I'm not sure where it was from or the price. I love it so much though and the pattern is so pretty! However I have to wear it with tights as literally my entire butt hangs out haha
This playsuit is from Zara, and I got it for £12.50 in the sale. I was so happy because I loved it so the reduced price was very exciting haha. It has a low back which ties up
I got this dress from h&m. It kinda resembles a sack and I love it!! It's a bit longer than the photo suggests as my arms are up, and it cost £10 as it was reduced.

I got this swimming costume in Rokit in Camden, London. The upstairs section of the shop had lots of really cheap stuff and this was £4. It has a low back.

At the same time I got this swimming costume, originally from Gap Kids lol.
I got this skirt around a month ago and I love it!!! It's a button down design and from topshop, it was around £30. I got a similar style one in denim from zara for £12.50 in the sale and I love both of them :)))

Here is the denim version :) I have a really disproportionate body and had to get the extra small whereas usually I'm more like a medium, so consider that if you're buying one :) I love it paired with a striped top which I will talk more about below!

These dungarees are literally the best thing ever!!!! I got them from a vintage shop in Brighton for £22 and they're my favourite piece of clothing. They say 'don't bug me' on the front and 'bug off' on the back, perfect for annoying people :) 

I like to pair this striped top with the dungarees, I got it from h&m for around £8. It's fairly long so I have worn it as a dress, however that's slightly risky if I bend at all haha so I think it's safer to wear it as a top.

Finally I got this black bikini top from h&m. I've been searching for a bikini top for ages and this was perfect and cost £12.99. Yay!

There are actually a few other things which I've bought and not posted about- I'm amazed I have any money left.... However I hope this was fun to read and possibly gave you some outfit ideas :-----)
Laura x

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