Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Life has been p hectic sorry for lack of posts! I shouldn't even be posting now but someone requested a present haul and ~ask and u shall receive~ so yaaaaaaa

My parents were reaaaally struggling for gift ideas and i was like 'what about chocolates like everyone likes fancy chocolates???' so they got me this! I ended up giving my family/jack most of them tho which is definitely a good thing given how much i've eaten recently...
urghhh this is sideways which is annyoing!

 Received some super cool socks! I particularly like the cat ones ah i cannto wait to wear these

 Urghhh soz these are sideways and i'm in a rush so can't rotate these :( :( but the coolest make up pallette EVER!!! The colours look like planets! I saw this photo on tumblr of it and loved it, and someone had posted a link to the website (BH cosmetics) I was amazed that it was only like $15 and although shipping was expensive i am so in love with it! The pallette itself is huge omg, and so far I've just used Mercury (bottom left hand corner) but it was genuinely so so good!!!

I got sooooooooo many sweets for my birthday- jack got me two packets of haribo and i got another bag as well as these. nearly all consumed already and i feel very sick haha!!
 My friend Mollie's mum made me the most amazing gift hamper, it was so so so thoughtful and kind! It had really lovely presents including these, and everything i've used so far is great! She also got me a cute lil helium balloon, and i've never been given a balloon on my birthday before so i was so excited about it hahaha! But honestly the nicest thing and everything was packaged so nicely!
 Urgh the sideways thing is sooooooo annoying -.- But I received some lovely cards, really sweet messages and stuff and that just made me so so happy!!! Hahaha my friend also made me a card complete with drawings of all the boys i've kissed, then proceeded to put it on facebook and tag them.... that i could have done without...  I also got money of relatives which was very kind, i have to write thank you letters telling them what i've spent it on when in reality i'll probably save it or buy alcohol.. oops :/ I also got a bottle of champagne of one of my friend's families which again was such a sweet gesture aw :) PEOPLE ARE SO CUTE!!!

Um if your life hasn't blessed with gilmore girls you are missing out!!!! It's literally my favourite show ah i'm so happy to have the box set! I haven't managed to watch it all from start to finish as it's on tv in random orders and randomly ends mid series... so now i finally have the chance and i'm so excited!!!
Ah my friends  bought me the most gorgeous cambridge satchel which has my initials on the front :) It's so beautiful and good quality and i've wanted one for so so long! It was such a surprise and i am in love with it <3<3<3

AHHHHH again i can't believe it! Whilst all the gifts i received were absolutely lovely and so sweet of everyone, this is almost certainly the most thoughtful thing i've ever received.

My friend mollie has severe mental health problems and has been poorly with them in secure units for about 17 months. It's been really hard especially as since June she's been several hours away from me and i've only seen her 3 times :( she isn't allowed her phone or access to a computer so we communicate by writing to each other, and i have visited her a couple of times with her mum (who is so lovely aw)

Me and mollie have been really close friends since we were little and stayed friends despite going to different secondary schools. We used to have sleepovers and spend sooooooo much time together! Mollie took out her savings to order me these personalised Raybans. They're legit gorgeous and as well as the sweet message on the case they have 'stay fab' 'be laura' written on the edges of the frames. It was so sweet of her omg :')

Hahahahaha i only had my portrait lens on so it was really zoomed.... but i love them so much!!

Ah i took the photos for this on sunday and didn't get my present off jack until the evening so i only have this photo from my phone! Awww he gave me this super cute necklace! And a bottle of disaronno (I got a bottle from my parents too- clearly everyone knows my love for alcohol) and my fav sweets :) :) :)

Sorry if this looks like i'm bragging- that is not the intention!! I got such lovely stuff and i feel so lucky! I had a really wonderful 18th birthday, especially given the circumstances it was fab to still have something to celebrate and everyone was so generous!!
Laura xx