Monday, 9 February 2015

wintery walk (or is it spring?)

Hi guys!
Sorry my posts haven't exactly been regular.. I've had requests on tumblr for youtube videos so I migh make one or two, I'm just never sure people even read these! Anyway, I offered to help photograph for my school's year book and wanted to test out my camera settings to see which were best for headshots. I went for a long walk with my mum and got her to take some photos of me on different modes so I could see what looked the best. We tried just headshots and full body, and here are the results! I thought since I had these photos I could do an outfit post :-))

The crop top is from and I got it in around October/November and sadly can't see it on their website:( it was only around £8/10 though and is a great fit so I really like it! I love high necked things and striped things however I would have preferred full length! I found this sort of equivalent on their website which I like
and i would love some more high necked things! However I don't have a job at the moment so I'm trying to be careful with money!
My jeans are from h&m. I reaaaally struggle to find jeans that fit (cursed with massive hips!) So when I saw these in their sale last year it was a miracle!! They're high waisted an big but I love them ah and they were only £10, what a bargain!
I'm wearing my amazing Dr Martens which I got from Schuh in the sale after Christmas. I'd wanted them for so long, I remember seeing them im san fransisco in the summer and just picking one up andbbeing so sad bc I couldn't afford it. Their boots are usually £110 ish and I got these for £65 so I was soooo happy! They've givene awful blisters but I genuinely thinl they're worth limping for, and they've attracted some compliments from strangers haha!
Finally my topshop coat. I went to topshop one lunch time with my friends and we were looking through the sale rails. I'd wanted this coat for months and was very excited after Christmas when it was only £40- a bargain! But I'd just bought a coat so I couldn't justify it. However, finding it in my size for just £18 was too hard to resist and I'm so hsppy to have this amazing fluffy coat!!! It's so warm ahhh:-)))
Sorry this post was boring and has made me look incredibly cheap (I am though so...) but yeah hope this was enjoyable to read!!
Laura xx


  1. What an amazing place! Stunning! And I'm jealous of your flat belly ;) (but it's the positive type of jealousy, the one that make me move my fat ass and start exercising) Beautiful photos and of course beautiful you. Keep warm!

    1. I do feel very lucky to live here :-))! Aw I promise I'm breathing in in these photos so don't be too jealous:'-)! Thank you so much!! You too :-)))