Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Okay, I can feel that this post is going to be somewhat disappointing for people. But I swear, a delicious, healthy, low calorie, easy to make snack makes me VERY happy. And this is soooo beautiful.
I can't remember how I discovered these, like I think I may genuinely have just made them up, but they are quickly become one of my favourite foods. I think about eating them wayyyy too much of the time. They are one ingredient, simple delicious food. I know, I know. We've all been there with these promises of 2 ingredient pancakes, cauliflower pizza crust... and just felt, well, disappointed. Low fat mozarella is not stringy and I once made a healthy cake which was so disgusting I actually shed a tear as I tried it.
But never again. These are healthy but so fabulous I want to cry. I've been reusing baking paper because I can't keep up with how many batches of these I want. It's getting serious. These are essentially healthy crisps, the same satisfying crunch but the most amazing flavour too, not fat, no added sugar, no salt, they are purely healthy.

And what are they???? APPLE CHIPS

My recipe skills aren't great but let's try:

1. Grab yourself an apple. Of any description (EATING APPLES THO). I've used both the red ones and the red-and-green ones, haven't tried Granny smiths but I think they'd work! So yep, grab your apple. Oh and whack on the oven. I'd go gas mark 2, which is 130 degrees C apparently?? Basically, a low ish temperature.

2. The only making part which could actually be rather tedious. Basically, your goal is to cut your apple into very thin slices. I'm talking as thin as poss. Not so thin they snap as you pick them up, but heading towards see through thickness. Tiny. The way I do this is by using an attachment on my food processor which slices. I cut the apple into halves (avoiding the core) and put it into the processor. It makes little thin pieces and then some tiny ones which I get to snack on.

3. Put a piece of baking paper onto a baking tray. None of this 'lining' nonsense. Just tear it off and whack it on. Then place the beautiful thin apple slices you have made onto the paper in a single layer.

4. This is optional but I've included it so thought I should tell you. You can now sprinkle the slices with cinammon. I ALWAYS do this, but for the first time tonight I didn't, and I've actually found that I prefer them without cinammon. Shocking really, and the house doesn't smell as good when they're cooking, but hey.

5. Whack em in the oven. Wave goodbye to your babies. Go and do something fun. But not too fun, because you need to check on them regularly. Go and peer through the oven door every so often. If they're browning turn the oven down, but pick one up (sadly this volunteer rarely makes it back to the tray) and see how soft they are. You want them to be very slightly soft, as they crisp up when they cool, but not so soft that you are effectively eating a luke warm apple. This can take (in my experience) up to an hour, but ovens vary a lot so please vary according to how yours are looking.
I actually prefer mine a bit less cooked than here but they are FABULOUS (these aren't the batch pictured above btw- forgot to photo them as I was too busy snacking!

6. Take out your beautiful angels, pour into a bowl, and eat. You won't regret it. They're wonderful.

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