Sunday, 4 January 2015


Okay I have been really bad at posing.. soz! I just never know what to post :(( I was going to claim that I've been busy which I suppose I have with A levels and attempting a social life, but I spend way too long scrolling through instagram/twitter/tumblr/facebook which I could have spent blogging!
2014 was a really strange year. It seemed to go quickly but at the same time stuff that happened last January seem like several years ago. It was definitely the most dramatic and eventful year of my life so far, though when you put everything into perspective everything has turned out pretty much okay. I met lots of new people and experienced so many things for the first time. I also realised that friendships breaking down is normal and yeah the quote 'Not everyone you lose is a loss' definitely applies here... The first half of 2014 definitely had more downs than ups. There were times when I was really stressed and sad and idk why I didn't do anything about it?! It is very important to look after yourself!! But I still had some really fun times and learned a lot. I also struggled my way through exams and somehow came out with 4As. I was so happy and relieved (I still am!) and I'm so glad that all the stress and work paid off! And I had an amazing summer and got to visit America and yeah. Year 13 has so far been okay and I just hope I continue enjoying everything and balancing school work and everything, and try not to drink alcohol every weekend. I posted my new year's resolutions on my tumblr but here they are:

-moisturise more
-remember how great you are -do even more things which make you happy
-tell people when they/their views are being shitty -buy and wear good lipsticks
-only apologise when you mean it -worry less
-eat a lot of cake

Don't set yourself stupid standards, you are fabulous xxx

 I couldn't be bothered to post individual photos so I made a long flipagram of my instagram posts of the year, enjoy chums and have a fabulous 2015


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