Monday, 6 October 2014


Yo! So I've been planning an American clothing haul for over a month but everything was in the wash/I was too busy and going to open days and stuff and since then I bought loadsss of clothes so I thought I'd combine them! Enjoy :-)))

 I visited a thrift store in Flagstaff, Arizona, where my brother is living this year. I got this super cool t shirt with a puppy on for $2. They had a huge rack of t shirts and I regret not buying more! Also I took these today (a sunday) and idk about anyone else but sundays are purely for pyjamas so I couldn't be bothered to put on additional clothing to go with the things I bought... soz!

 I also started to buy a t shirt everywhere I visited, though this only happened in New York and San Fransisco... 2 t shirts for $5 was such a bargain though!!! I love this t shirt but I haven't worn it yet! I bought it in China Town from a random man haha

 I buy nearly all of my clothes oversized (if you hadn't noticed) purely because- god why am I admitting this- I think it makes me look skinnier. That's so vain lol so this is not oversized so I don't like it so much! But it is cute and made an excellent pyjama top in San Fransisco when I realised I hadn't packed enough! It was $3

 I bought this dress in the thrift store that I got the t shirt from! It has fish on and was $6. It's a weird material, like stretchy, but it's loose and cute and yeah

 I bought this velvet maxi skirt in a Goodwill in San Fransisco for $1.75! I hate wearing maxi things but I love this and yeah!! I like to wear it with crop tops but I can't wear crop tops to sixth form :(((

 Okay I am so guilty of standing so that it looks like I have a thigh gap which is 10/10 sad and weird... But I am very guilty. I bought this shirt in the goodwill too, I love it but don't know what to wear with it :(((

 I also got this blouse, I fricking love this omg. I have no idea how to describe my style but this shirt is rad and that's all I know

 2 of my best friends had a 20s themed 18th and I imagined buying an amazing 20s dress in america. This was the closest I got with this drop waisted dress in the thrift store, which I didn't even wear in the end. It was $6.50 and I do really like it!

 When I was in San Fransisco I popped into Forever 21 to get a bra (i managed to not pack enough, well done laura) and saw these lovely hair accessories! I don't accessorise much... at all... but these were too pretty to resist!
 The bra I bought was not that practical in terms of support which was nice as I used it for the gym on holiday haha.. but it's so cute! This is from Forever 21 and was reduced to just over $6! It does not hide how flat chested I am but it's so pretty!!

 This was actually my first purchase of the holiday! I met up with Beth in Vegas, where she and her sister had spent like $150 in Sephora. I was very easily peer pressured into buying the Naked basics pallette which I have wanted for ages! I don't regret it at all, it's so so so gorgeous!!!

Okay, back in England! I made my stress productive and bought loads online... I spent £101 in 2 days but I love everything that I got so it's fine... right?! 
 This bikini is from and cost £12! I find it cringey when people say how insecure they are (sorry I sound like a bitch but everyone is 'insecure') but I finally bought a bikini which fits (very very difficult for me) and I am aware of my flat chest and massive thighs and I look so bloated lol but idgaf this bikini is cool it has pineapples on it!!!
 I swear I didn't take this purely for the butt, this is to show the back of the bikini! It takes me like 5 minutes to put it on bc it does up at the front??? confusing!! but look the back is cool

  I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS!!! I have wanted a co ord forever and this was £12!! It's from boohoo and it's velvet and generally amazing. I am so happy that it fits ahhh!!!

 Okay this photo was to show the skirt.. another I intended to crop lol why is there no crop option here??? The skirt is from New Look, it was £12.99 and is amazing! My clothing size varies SO much. I literally never know what size I am, but I got this in a 12 and it fits! :)))

 Then I decided that this jumper and skirt combo is totes rad so took loadsa vain pics #notsorry
Mustard jumper is the dream item and I finally got one!! Boohoo were selling these adorbs jumpers for £8 and they had mustard and bottle green and I died and bought one of each. I want them all they are amazing

 should i be a model with these poses???? the answer is yes
 Okay so I tried on this amazing top in New Look a few weeks ago and loved it. It was £17.99 and is so cute and velvety, but wtf so I wear with it??? I put it with this skirt but I don't know if it goes :(((? But I love it sooo... any suggestions would be fab!

 I got this kimono too! I LOVE DAISIES and also kimonos and it was £7!! So yeah yolo I bought it from boohoo as well :)))

 I never buy shoes.. or bags. Idk I am not a show or bag person!!! ^this pic is so ugly I'm crying my feet are trotters lollll.
But I own 2 pairs of heels which are old and idk it was time to branch out. These are so uncomfortable that after wearing them for an hour on Friday I took them off and said 'that felt better than sex. Not that I would know' like genuinely these are so painful but I will power through this. Thye were £11 from New Look!

 I decided to invest in some Chelsea boots! I love these aw, they're so plain but they just look so cute and autumnal! They were £25.99 from new look, though there were some heeled ones in River Island which I loved!

 I went into primark with my dad yesterday and saw this satchel reduced to £5!! I use the same rucksacks wherever I go so I decided it was time to get a new bag and this was perfect. It will probably last for about a week but yanno!

 One of my friends is having a baby in January! I'm so so so excited for her, and bought really cute tiny clothes for her!!! I can't believe there will be a tiny human wearing these awwww!! The socks made my heart melt they are so so so tiny!!!!

I also recently bought some jeans!!! Okay I look so weird here but I 100% hate my legs omg they are so chunky so I hate jeans but I decided to invest in some! They were like £13 from primark (classic) Also in this photo I'm wearing a jumper I got in Arizona!
 Oh and I also bought a dress! Oops I did buy a lot.. this is a shit photo but it's drop waisted and patterned :-) It was only £5!

I hope this was enjoyable to read, especially after my American posts! 
Love from Laura x


  1. I literally love everything that you bought! Such an amazing fashion sense x x x

  2. gurrl you're being crazy your bod is actually amazing! & so is your style i need those heels in my life omg but i can only find them in wide fit :/ (first world probs) xxx

    1. awww you're too sweet thanks so much!!! I got them wide fit (didn't realise until they arrived) but because of the zip at the back it's okay :-)! They're v v v uncomfortable though!xxx