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Hiya :-))
I finished my exams recently so I thought it was time for a blog post!!

I have some sort of talent for wearing ridiculously cheap clothes! My parents won't buy me stuff that's what they consider expensive and so I suppose I've developed a habit of considering what people would consider reasonably priced to be expensive! I guess it's good as I never spend much on clothes but I do worry I end up sounding really cheap! (Last year I bought 3 prom dresses for £55...)

((As summer approaches there is the inevitable change from trousers/tights to shorts and bare legs. I hate my legs!!! I know a lot of people do and it's honestly so annoying as they're obviously not a body part you can easily hide. I have struggled with body image for ages and although I really dislike my thighs (and strangely my knees) I refuse to spend the year covered up!! So yeah idk I know I look chubby and have cellulite and shiz but everyone is different let's just embrace it okay!!!))

Here are a few outfits I have worn recently and yeah, enjoy!!

Outfit one:

wow the facial expression and pose... i was intending to crop my face out!

T shirt- printed for me by my friend :-)
Skirt- Dorothy Perkins- it was about £20? they have similar ones online!

 This is one of my favourite skirts! I'm really not a midi skirt or maxi skirt person- some ofr my friends used to joke about how short the skirts i wear are.. However this skirt is one of my favourite items of clothing! I love the pattern, the style is flattering and idk I think it looks nice with stuff tucked in!
 Here are skirts similar to mine:
I don't normally shop is Dorothy Perkins but this has changed that!

 Outfit two:
blouse- £5 from a charity shop

Shorts- £7 from a vintage fair, originally from River Island

 A common theme with my clothing is having stuff that is wayyyy oversized and wearing it with something tight (as if to compensate?!) and this outfit is no exception. The blouse is a size 20 but I adore it and I think it works in an oversized way as I'm not like drowning in material!!
My legs feel huge in these shorts as they're an 8 and I'd usually get a 10, however I love the pattrn and there's a corduroy kind of material which I like! Shorts and oversized things are one of my favourite summer outfits!

 Outfit 3:

dress: £15

 I love thise dress sooo much! It was a bargain at only £15
I have wanted a dress of this style for ages and I think it's sooo pretty. The style is flattering and it works with and without tights! I wouldn't usually go for a colour this bright but I'm really glad I did!

 Outfit 4:

 Similar to my other one, but this time I paired the shorts with this cute blouse! It's from Topshop but 2 years ago, however there are loads of this style around! Wearing shorts with tights is perfect when the weather is mixed!

Outfit 5:

 I'd wanted a tartan skirt for agessss! I finally ordered one from asos only to discover it was really really short on me :-( I then came across this one on! Another bargain- I think it was around £8! I love the summery colours and it goes with pretty much all t shirts!!

Outfit 6:
I wear a lot of dresses and some people at school described this as 'very me' haha! I got this from riverisland in the sale for £15! I love the tartan print in the collar is so cute! It's a fairly flattering style however it's a bit lose around my waist because I'm very out of proportion haha! But yeah I like wearing dresses because they're just so easy!

Outfit 7:
 My ultimate comfort outfit!! I LOVE these jeans which I got in a charity shop for £4 and they're Levi's so that was a bargain!! And a comfy oversized jumper! Another perk of wearing massive clothing is that you can tuck stuff in easily :-))

So yeah I hope this was vaguely enjoyable/ interesting! If you're on a budget I could not recommend charity shops more!! You have to search but you can find some really fab things!!
Laura x

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