Friday, 23 May 2014

catch up!

Sorry I haven't posted in absolutely ages! I've been doing my AS levels and I've just got one exam left. As well as the extraordinary workload I've just found them very difficult; a lot more so than I had expected, so it's been a busy and stressful time for me!  I'm quite frustrated because I know I haven't done very well and so I'm just dreading results day:-(!

As well as that I have 2 jobs. I work in a bakery/deli on a Saturday from 9-5. I enjoy it and love being able to earn some money, however I'm now wondering if without the job I might have done better in my exams. It's very easy to look back at stuff like that though and I'm not sure thst Saturday day time would have been my main revision time. I also work as a chamber maid at my friend's family's b&b which is fun and surprisingly tiring!

I'm very excited for summer! My friends and I had been planning to go to a music festival; we discussed Latitude for a while and then decided on Reading. About a week before we were going to book it my parents anmounced we'd be going on a family holiday to America. This is the most exciting news ever and omg I'm so excited. We're going to Las Vegas, a little town in Arizona (my brother is studying there for a year), Death Valley, The Grand Canyon and San Fransisco. (Road trip!!) And then flying to New York for a few days!! I'm so so so excited but what I meant to mention earlier was that it coincides with Reading so I can't go to that :-( I know that probably sounds really selfish as I am going on this amazing holiday but it's just a shame that they happen to be at the same time!

I'm also trying to lose a bit of weight/tone up before I go, as I found some photos of me from a couple of years ago and it sunk in how much weight I've put on! I will be healthy and intend to just exercise more and eat the right foods so yeah! I've never really attempted to lose weight healthily before so who knows how this will go!

So yeah, this was a fairly short post to just give a bit of an update on my life! I'll be doing a room tour and some outfit posts in the very near future. Sorry again and I hope anyone who reads this is doing well, and good luck to anyone with exams!

I just thought I'd post a few photos from the last couple of months to show what I've been doing!

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