Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Day 2013

I thought I'd do a post about my Christmas as so far (it's 5.21pm at the moment) it's been lovely!
I couldn't sleep, but got up around 8.30 and made pancake mix. I went for a run and everyone I saw said merry Christmas which was so sweet, and later I opened my stocking! I got so many lovely presents however I've done combined photos with my regular presents so I can't separate them!

Just to say, I am so so grateful for my presents and so thankful that I received such lovely gifts! I don't want this to look like bragging so I'm sorry if that's how it comes across!

First: food!

I got so much omg, but Christmas is all about the food right?! Not massively keen on liquorice but this is going to last me agessss! Yay
Second: Baking!!
I love baking so I picked out these two recipe books. Both look divine and I want my food to look as pretty (though I can guarantee it won't!). Hopefully a new piping bag will help!
The hummingbird bakery one is making my mouth water omg

Next: underwear!
Okay so people might think this is inappropriate, well idc man everyone wears underwear and these are sooo pretty! I got a new look gift card too which I will probably spend on underwear too haha, but yeah I think these three are all lovely!

Next: Bath stuff!
I asked for a lush bath bomb and got the xutest penguin bubble bear and another bath bomb which I will save for a morning bath after either this Saturday's party or new years! They both smell amazing and I cannot wait to use them yum! I also got this soap and glory travel size set which is so cute and useful as  I'm running out of hand food. My grandma got me a bath set from m&s which is also super cute and I can't wait to use!

Next: sprays!
I wasn't sure how to categorise these but I got the first three in my stocking... is this a hint?! Do I smell?! But the vanilla spray smells amazing and the gorgeous eau de toilette from Zara is sooo good!!

They discontinued an amazing one called Apple Juice but this is definitely the next best thing, and for £10 who's complaining?!

Next: Beauty!
I love face masks and if I could afford it I'd use one every day! I love this range and just yeah yum! I picked this glittery colour nail varnish because I think it's cute and Christmassy yay:-)) since writing this i've tried it out and it's pretty but much more of a top coat, i'll add a few more coats and hopefully it will be okay!

 I love this nudes palette from h&m and it was only £4 which is such a bargain! I used it this morning and it seemed good yay!

 And the same for the lipstick; I adore the shade and it stayed on all day!!

Next: Perks!
This is one of my favourite books and film so I was really happy to get these. I've been meaning to reread it for a while and it would be nice to watch the film again- with a box of tissues.

Next: socks and tights
Always useful and a somewhat classic gift! I also received the socks I'm wearing as part of a secret santa from mollie and yeah they're just so cute!! My secret santas were also fab but i've used/eaten a lot of them so i can't post a photo:-( they were so good though, thank you mollie and morwenna!

Next: Dress
I never get clothes for Christmas so it was lovely to get this dress from my brother. It's a massive size 6- literally it could fit a 14 at least which is useful after Christmas lunch!! I love the pattern and just yeah:-))

Next: miscellaneous
I chose this writing set last Christmas and my mum forgot to give it to me! But it's really cute so I'm glad she found it!

 My grandparents get us a few small things and they got me this soft blanket/throw thing which is going to be so cosy and warm! They also gave me these cute gloves and I'm not sure what these butterflies are but they're pretty!

Okay if you don't do this it probably seems really weird but I always get a satsuma in my stocking! Good in between snacking and meals to make you feel a little healthier;-) I have eaten so much today haha, this included!

Now I'm probably sounding so spoilt and ungrateful and I'm sorry if I am as I feel awful typing all of this out! Even more so when I admit I also received this wonderful new camera lens! I paid half and I am so in love with it!

 It honestly takes the most amazing photos and it's soooo good!
 It sounds awful but I find that Christmas can sometimes be disappointing because of the build up but I am having a great day and this lens is even better than I imagined! 

 (a few photos of christmas and boxing day!)
I am so happy with it and overwhelmed by everyone's generosity this year! I also received money which I will put towards my gap year or use in the sales (I need clothes for sixth form, right?!)
I hope you have all had a christmas as wonderful as mine or if not just remember it's only one day and you have all the other time for things to start looking up! Appreciate the time with your family as they won't be here forever and take lots of photos!
Laura xxx


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! You're definitely one lucky girl! The nudes palette looks gorgeous and we can't wait to see how your macaron making goes! We've both read and watched the Perks of Being a Wallflower, and loved it!

    1. Aw thank you for your comment, that's so sweet of you :'-)! I'm really looking forward to making the macarons and perks is such a good book and film! Thank you again:-)xxx