Sunday, 5 January 2014

50 things I did in 2013 feat. Christmas video

1-got my first job
2-got my second job
3-set up my own bank account
4-went on holiday with one of my best friends
5-did gcses
6-started A Levels
7-started to think about the future a bit more
8-spent lots of time with my grandparents
9-went to a few parties
10-made some new friends/became closer with people
11-got drunk for the first time
12-reached 50000 followers on here
13-did some form of exercise every day I was at home
14-kissed quite a few people
15-went for lots of walks
16-took thousands of photos
17-had the best summer of my life
18-went to my first music festival
19-had mini Christmas with my friends
20-had an operation
21-thought I had loads of illnesses when I didnt…
22-baked lots of cakes and puddings
23-made myself dinner loads of times
24-cried when my teacher left our school
25-took my tortoise to the vet
26-tried weed
27-had the worst day of my life where I was sick 8 times after my operation
28-was much happier than I have been in previous years
29-met up with someone from the internet!
30-nearly lost a friend and as a result realised how much I love my friends and family
31-stretched a lot and so became able to do the splits again yay
32-went to prom
33-dressed up as little red riding hood for the last day of year 11
34-stayed with my friend Beth with mollie
35-wore school uniform for the last time
36-went camping with my friends which was soooo fun
37-made my friends let me take photos of them
38-earned a ssubstantial amount of money
39-did okay in school!
40-got better at making conversation
41-wasted many free periods shopping and eating
42-played truth or dare with my friends approximately 30 times even though none of us had anything to confess
43-experienced my first hangover
44-made friends in a class which I had no friends in
45-had what I suppose was my first ‘proper’ kiss/made out thing
46-organised work experience
47-saw my cousins who I hadn’t seen for years!
48-joined amnesty international at school
49-became increasingly obsessed with peanut butter
50-had one of the best years of my life


  1. You're Christmas video is so sweet, aw! xx

    1. Aw thank you haha :'-)! It's a bit short as I kept forgetting to film!xxx