Friday, 28 June 2013


Last night my school had prom with the boy's school.
 It's weird because I've always looked forward to prom since I was in younger years at secondary school and so it was strange actually being the year who were going. The closer it got to prom, the less excited I became and the more nervous for it! It might seem strange to be nervous, but the prospect of spending 5 hours with a lot of people (some of which were strangers) was quite daunting. But a few days before I sort of convinced myself that I would enjoy it and as it turned out, I did!
I bought my dress around 6 weeks ago (I think!) from H&M. I'd originally bought this dress from Missguided (now for sale on my ebay for £10!!) but when shopping with my mum I saw this one and fell in love with it. I'm so glad I found it because although I loved the other one I don't think I would have felt as comfortable in a strapless dress as I would have worried it was falling down. It was only £35 which I thought was an incredible price for such a lovely dress!
 You can't tell all that clearly but it's one shoulder and made of a chiffon-like material.
My hairdresser did my hair for prom. I'm not very good at hair or make up so it was nice to know that I didn't have to worry about my hair going wrong! She did my hair for my year 6 'prom' and I had a rough idea of how I wanted it but was worried I'd be disappointed. When I did a prom hair trial last week I was so happy with it and I was also yesterday. I wish my hair was naturally this curley!

this last one is from my hair trial last week so looks a bit different!
After spending much of the late afternoon getting ready, my parents wanted to take some photos of me. Annoyingly it started to rain just as I finished getting ready so the photos I do have were taken really quickly so that my hair and dress wouldn't get ruined!

Afterwards my friends and I went to our friend Lauren's house where we met some other friends. We had drinks and snacks and took photos. Annoyingly it was still raining so we had to take photos inside, but Lauren has a conservatory so the lighting was still great. Here are some of my favourite photos :-)

Afterwards we caught taxis to prom (which Megan's dad kindly paid for) and went inside. A woman met us at the door of the taxi with an umbrella and I felt like a celebrity getting out! We went in and some teachers were stood inside where we had our bags checked and signed in. I'd cleverly managed to forget my ticket but luckily that didn't matter. We went downstairs into a large room where there was a backdrop for professional photos. Almost immediately a woman from the local paper approached us and took our photos which should be published soon! We then stood and talked to a few people and had our photo taken by the professional photographer. After a while everyone sort of moved into the other part of the room where there was a dance floor and tables. For the rest of the evening we sat, spoke to people and danced (not well- however mine and Mollie's performance of The Time of My Life was very impressive!). There was also a photobooth which was really fun and was free and we got some funny photos from there.
It went on until midnight and I'd sort of assumed everyone would stay until then. However, people began leaving for after-parties at around 10.30. We stayed until 12 and ended up being the last ones! My friends had been requesting Taylor Swift all evening and the DJ kept saying he would play it but it wasn't until the 6 of us were left that he finally did, and a highlight of prom was definitely being stood on the dancefloor singing along to Love Story while the hotel staff stood around us awkwardly waiting for us to leave and as they put it 'make a move'.

last ones there!
 We stayed at Lauren's house and overall it was actually a really fun night. It was lovely to see everyone dressed up and everyone made such a big effort and looked lovely. However the adorable couples did make me slightly jealous, so hopefully by sixth form prom I'll have a date!
Laura x

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