Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lads On Tour

On Friday my friends and I went for a picnic and now I feel SUPER SUMMERY!!!
We went to this place called Hengistbury Head and to this mini beach (we named it that last summer haha). It's not much of a beach because it's stoney and it's more like mud than sand (this sounds disgusting omg) but it's actually really cute there and there weren't too many people which was good!
We ate loads of food which is always a bonus and then took lots of photos, some of which are below

Aw my friends are so beautiful:'-) After the picnic we went back to a cafe to go to the toilets and then walked around to where there's another bit. We walked through this foresty area which is also nice then sat on the sandy beach over there and talked. Eventually we walked back and I went home and the others caught buses and now I'm super excited for summer which is only just over a week away for me!!!
Laura x

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