Monday, 24 June 2013

My boy

If you've read the title and were hoping to learn about some gorgeous boyfriend then prepare to be disappointed.
Actually, not disappointed. I'm sure this is way more exciting.
This is a post about my tortoise, Andy.

A lot of people ask where I got Andy so I'll give you a little background!
My grandma's had tortoises as pets for years and they used to be really popular pets here in England but I'm pretty sure they were banned because they kept dying while being shipped here! But she got given Andy I think (one of her other tortoises was found at the rubbish dump- caught up in someone's garden waste!). Andy got his name after fighting with my grandmother's female tortoises and was nicknamed 'Randy Andy' and sent to live with us

I'm not sure of his breed or age but we've sort of assumed he's around 30 (they live for ages!!)

Contrary to public opinion, tortoises are not that slow! Honestly, put out a slice of peach and he's practically sprinting. Whilst sat in the garden he'll sneak up and attempt to climb on you, he's a very active pet!

His main diet consists of peach (as you can see) but also cucumber, lettuce, tomato, etc. And my grandma feeds hers bread and milk though Andy isn't such a fan. We feed him once or twice a day

Andy lives in my garden which we 'tortoise-proofed' 10 years ago when we got him, and he honestly just wanders round. A couple of years ago my dad built him a little house which he now sleeps in but he'd be fine without it

From around October to March, Andy hibernates. A lot of people find this really strange. It is, I know, but I've sort of got used to it. He'll often try to bury himself if it's getting cold and my dad will dig him up. He goes into a very deep sleep and their heart slows right down so it's pretty weird! We keep him in our shed in a box full of straw and newspaper, then when the weather improves we check to see if he's woken up.

Tortoises make fab, easy pets and are a great change from cats or dogs. I'd definitely recommend them!
Laura x

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